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What is Okashina Okashi?

Japanese, of course! ^_~ The name means "Strange Candy" and the web mistresses figured that was suitable for the stuffs bound to live here. Think of the name what you will, but delve in beneath the skin a bit and I'm sure you'll find it fits to a T.

Besides the meaning, what really IS Okashina Okashi?
Okashina Okashi is simply a home to fics, stories, images and other such things pertaining to favorite fandoms or original works. It's a rather small archive, but growing with every punch of a key by the authors here. ^_^

Okay, so we know about the site now, but what's with the fruity layout?
That would be simply our style! We happen to *like* this sort of thing, and hey, it helps the site live true to its name!

You guys babble a lot, so, anything else you want to babble about?
To coin a Sailor Moon phrase, "Duh!" ^_^ Looking around I bet you notice there isn't a whole lot here. Well, give the web mistresses a break every now and then, ne? This site is still upon shaky legs, but hopefully, over the course of summer and late night/early morning computer usage, it will grow to something respectable.

So there you go; Okashina Okashi in a proverbial nutshell!


It's been awhile, ne? I blame school! -_- And the fact that I'm currently not doing so well in History -_-' No new fics or pics (plan on them SOON though!) or anything like that -- I'm just announcing the arrival of my newest nephew! ^_^ go here to see him. Umm... well, that's it. Ja~


Alright, lots of stuff to mention. 3 new fanfics (1 DBZ and 2 GW), 1 new original story, 7 new original artworks, and a new Word of the Update. Also, all of Krystal's art now works, I've fixed the links. if you find anything wrong, don't hesitate to tell me. Till next update. (Grr, I'm not likeing updates -_-) Ja~

See Old News here.

Above is a piccie by Akuma. It's of her original character, Feral. ^_^
Fanfics-- Come, read, laugh, cry, enjoy! ^_^
Fanart-- Various piccies here. Take a peek, it's worth a look!
Original Stories-- Again come, read, laugh, cry, enjoy, just this time it's with *original* stuff.
Original Art-- Piccies pertaining to either works of original fiction or plain inspiration, check it out!
About Us-- The people behind the glowing screen ^_- Bored? This should help a bit... scary tho...
Word of the Update (WOTU)-- NEW! Here I delve into meanings and roots of various, interesting words!
Links-- Leaving so soon? Well, here are some places to go!
Legal-- For the lawyer in everyone. Here lie disclaimers and such. Booooring.
Warnings-- If you missed them the first time check them out now. Don't say we didn't warn you!

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