A/N: OK this is the sequel to "Why?" Trunks is off flying, looking for the
androids, after he left his mother's grave. Enjoy^_^ and Review!


Trunks clenched his fist as he flew through the air. "They will pay
for what they've done."
"Who you talking to Blondie?" Juuhachi asked as she and her
brother flew right in front of him. Trunks stopped in shock, but quickly
regained his composure and stared at them with hatred burning in his
"What's the matter, Blondie?" Juunana asked.
"You," Trunks started, his voice eerily calm and focused.
"Me?" Juunana asked innocently.
"What'd we do?" Juuhachi asked in the same way.
"You've ruined my life. You've taken away everything I ever
loved. You forced me to hide all my life. Forced my friends and family
to fight. Destroyed them." Juunana gave a proud smirk at this. "You
took away my childhood. Took away my family. You destroyed my past
and now you've destroyed my future. Killing her, killed my future.
What is there to live for now?"
"I don't know, but I bet you're going to tell us," Juuhachi said,
Trunks continued to glare death at them as he continued. "A
dead planet with less than a million people left? Everyone I ever loved,
gone. But their sacrifice will be in vain no longer. I will avenge their
deaths, and their souls will finally be at rest." Trunks held up a fist
towards them. "Prepare to die Androids! You've messed with me for
the last time."
"Are you finally ready?" Juunana asked casually.
"Yeah," Trunks answered getting into fighting stance in mid air.
"Let's dance," Juuhachi said as she flew toward him.
"Let's," he agreed, as he lunged to meet her.

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