A/N: This is when Mirai goes back to his time to find his mother dead by the hands of the
Androids. Yeah, I know she didn't die, but bear with me, k? Hope ya enjoy.

Why? That is all I can think of as I look down at her grave. Why? Why did I leave? To make this world better? Or make it
worse? I left to help the past, to change the future. But all I did was leave her helpless. Helpless in a world with murderous
androids flying about killing and destroy whatever and whoever they see fit. Why did I leave? My leaving did nothing to help
this world. It merely left it defenseless for the Androids to have their fun. I helped save another time, but for what? At what
cost? I had died, been brought back, but the pain of dying then is nothing like the pain I am feeling now. I am dead inside. The
last thing I loved is gone. My best friend, my companion, my confidant, the only one I could depend on and trust. My mother.
She is gone. Nothing can bring her back now. It was the Androids that killed her but it was my fault. I should have been here to
protect her, instead of meeting my past, and forgetting my present. I am sorry mother. I am sorry I failed you. I'm sorry I
wasn't there to protect you. Forgive me. I will hunt
down you murders and destroy them. I swear to you, I will. You death will be avenged. As will all the lives taken by the
Androids. I love you mother. Farewell.

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