Alas, 'tis the ending.... a long awaited ending, eh? Anyway, thanks this time go to Vindali (my ever faithful reader.... only
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Pairings: Trunks+Goten (note the '+', there's a difference)

Notes: This doesn't exactly have a place in the timeline, it's just when Trunks 18ish and Goten is 17ish. The lengths of the
chapters vary, Itried to keep them all decent, sorry for anything too short

Disclaimer: DBZ mine? I wish!

Warnings: Mush... A bit of confusion? And mature themes

Sweet darkness. Cool and numb. Soothing. I felt light, like everything I knew was gone from me. No worries or cares. It felt

I tried to think of where I was, but my mind was foggy. I couldn't remember anything. I tried to focus, tried to think of
something from weeks gone by.

Nothing. Absolutely blank. My mind was as empty as the blackness around me.

I searched my mind for anything; a fragment of a thought. Nothing came.

Frantically I looked around. Nothing. Was I even seeing?

I strained to hear anything, yet echoes of emptiness were my only reply.

Blank. There was nothing where I was. Nothing to entice my senses. It was void. A lonely, black void.

I strained all my senses, hoping for something anything. Then I heard it. Soft and airy, like wind. What was it? It almost
sounded like a voice, sweet and tender. But I couldn't tell what it was saying.

Forcing my hearing to its limits, I listened intensely for the voice to speak again. Again, the voice drifted serenely to my
ears. It calmed my nerves as it spoke, holding such tranquillity within it.

"Goten... Please... It's time to wake up..."

I lessened the strain on my hearing as the voice grew louder, still having a calming effect over me.

"Goten... Come on... You've got to open your eyes now..."

Open my eyes? But all I see is blackness. I looked around once more, determined to find something. As I squinted I could
see a shimmering object come towards me. As it approached it took form, color spreading throughout its shape.

"Wake up... please..." It begged, "You have to wake up..."

Wake up? I'm not awake? Where am I? I tried to think back to anything, but again haze fell over my thoughts.

The figure approached me. "Anything... Oh God... Don't die, Goten, please don't die..."

Die? Was I dead? Was that was it was? But how?

The figure before me stopped. I squinted to see its features. As I squinted I could make out only the eyes. They were filled
with sorrow, with pain and anguish. Tears freely escaped from the eyes, falling to a place unknown.

I tried to ask "Why do you cry?" but I could not make sound. Confused, I tired to move, but found no result.

The figure before me sobbed, falling to its knees. From it came the most heart clenching noise, and mummers of loving

Again, I tried to speak, to say, "What's wrong?" but again, nothing happened.

Suddenly, the figure before me stood, rushing at me with open arms, tears continuing to stream down its face. As it
reached me I felt hot flesh wrap around me.

But... How?

Faster than I could process the world lit up around me. Light attacked my eyes as smells, tastes, and noise wracked my

I gasped, feeling sharp cool air enter my lungs.


I looked for the source, vision switching in and out of focus. My gaze settled on a pair of eyes. The same eyes as the figure
had. More tears fell from them, but I could feel the hot liquid hitting my bear chest.

I blinked, trying to take in all that had just occurred. The figure released its hold on me. "Oh Goten..."

I knew that voice. I knew that figure. "Go...han?" My voice came out raspy and in a whisper, but the figure snapped his
attention to it.

He smiled widely, "Thank God you're awake now, Goten, thank God..."

I tried to put my hand to the bridge of my nose to stop the onset of a headache, but found I couldn't move. Looking to my
arms I saw them to be wrapped from my palm to mid-arm, and tied down with thick restraints. My brow knitted together as I
tried to process what had happened.

Gohan looked to my restraints as a sad expression crossed his face. Sighing heavily he spoke, "Goten, why'd you do it?"

With that simple statement, memories of passed weeks hit me. My head swam with clips of conversations, pangs of
emotions, and the ever-present questions.

"Oh God... it's bad, isn't?" I looked to Gohan, realizing what I had tried and failed at. "Oh... Real bad..."


Tears sprang to my eyes. I didn't hold them back, couldn't. They raced freely down my cheeks, running down my neck. My
breath hiccuped in my throat.

"Go... Gohan... I'm so sorry..." I pleaded, straining my voice, "I... I just couldn't... Oh God... Trunks..."


I nodded, silent sobs racking my body to the point of impairing my speech.

Gohan sighed heavily, "You scared us all, Goten... Mom and Bulma have been frantic, I'm sure they'll want to see you," he
spoke solemnly.

I shook my head 'no'. "T-Trunks," I stuttered.

"Alright, fine, I'll bring Trunks in." He gave me a final hug, "Please, stay with us, Goten."

I nodded, tears continuing their trek down my face.

He left slowly, taking burdened steps to the door.

I stared at the door after it shut. Waiting for it to open again. Thoughts continued to bombard my tired mind as tears still

Finally, the door swung open. Gohan held it as Trunks walked through.

My breath caught as I saw Trunks. So pale, so sickly pale. His features were all laced with fear. He walked cautiously, as if
he was afraid approaching me would cause more trouble.

When he reached my side, neither of us could speak. His eyes were dull, lacking the vibrant life that usually resided there.
They brimmed with tears as he looked over me. I dropped my head, ashamed at what I had done.

"Trunks... I'm so sorry..." More tears cascaded down my face as I spoke, as if to accent my words.

Without saying anything, Trunks leaned down and gave me a ghost of a hug. He stayed that way as he found his voice,
"Goten... oh, Goten..."

I whimpered as he said my name, his voice held such pain and compassion. I tried to wrap my arms around him, only to
have the restraints hold me back.

He lifted his body and gazed down my arms. I felt nervous under his intense stare, especially as he focused on my wrists.
Slowly, gently, he moved his hand down my arms, ghosting a trail. His fingers stopped at the restraints, as he turned to look
me in the eyes.

I nodded shortly, silently asking for him to free me.

He understood as his fingers made quick work of my confinements. Before I could move my arms, however, he gently
picked one up. Bringing my bandaged wrist to his mouth he laid a soft kiss on it. He repeated this ritual with my other wrist
as I watched intently. Softly setting my arm down at my side, he moved closer to me again.

"Goten... please don't ever leave me... I love you..." He spoke softly, forcing warmth into his shaky voice.

I shook as a silent sob fell over me. Bringing my arms up to my chest, I laid my face in my hands and turned on my side.

A soft touch and cool hand on my exposed back. This cause more pain to shoot through me.

"Oh Trunks... I'm so sorry... I just didn't know..." I sobbed, "I was so scared you'd hate me... I just want you back..." I spoke
through my hands, not allowing myself to look at him.

Slowly his arms wrapped around me, bringing his body close to mine. He gently rubbed small circles on my back, trying to
soothe me.

"Trunks," I pulled back from him, "Trunks... I... have to apologize. I'm so sorry... For... everything. I didn't mean to hurt you at

"I know, Chibi, I know."

"And... Oh... Where are we now, Trunks? What are we?"

"Chibi," He spoke softly, hiding his fear behind his love, "We're whatever you want us to be."

"But what of best friends... boyfriends?"

He smiled softly and hugged me, "Does it matter?"

I looked to him confused, "But-"

"Goten," He crawled onto my bed beside me and held me close.

I wound an arm over his hip. I realized his body to be shaking. Looking closely at his face I saw tears rolling down his
cheeks on the mattress. His chest shook with silent sobs that wracked his frame. I drew him closer to me.

"Oh Goten... I thought I'd lost you forever there..." He hiccuped, "I don't know what I would've done..."


He looked me in the eyes, as if staring directly at my soul, "Goten... Chibi, I love you. Pure and simple. I love you. Always,
Chibi, always."

As he spoke my mind seemed to go to ease. Question and confusion that had previously clouded were swept away. I
smiled my first genuine heart-felt smile in a long time. "You're my best friend, Trunks, always... I'm so grateful you don't
hate me..." I gave and a gentle squeeze, "I love you too," I whispered into his hair.

"Don't ever leave me alone, Chibi... Please, promise me that."

I closed my eyes, holding him close, "I swear, Trunks."

He gave me a tight hug, soft tears hitting my neck.

I voiced words previously thought, "Why do you cry?"

"For you Goten, tears of joy, always."

I smiled against his hair.

It was like that we fell to slumber; best friends in each other's arms, in each other's minds, and in each other's hearts,


Yup, this fic is now over... Don't celebrate too loudly -_-. Anyway. I really hope you understood my ending because that
clarified Goten's whole problem of 'who they were'... Hope I got that point across clearly enough.

Thanks for reading!!! And if you enjoyed it in the slightest of ways... lemme know! I'd love to know if I managed to stir any
emotions whatsoever ^_^.

On a side note... I'm considering doing a 'sequel' of sorts. Basically, this whole thing from Trunks' POV for those of you who
were wondering what was going on in the purple-haired one's head. Is anyone interested in reading such a thing?

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