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Pairings: Trunks+Goten (note the '+', there's a difference)

Notes: This doesn't exactly have a place in the timeline, it's just when Trunks 18ish and Goten is 17ish. The lengths of the
chapters vary, I tried to keep them all decent, sorry for anything too short

Disclaimer: DBZ mine? I wish!

Warnings: This chapter contains some disturbing content. Please don't read if you can't handle ideas/thoughts of death. It's
also rather short.

I sat on the edge of the sink, looking down at the object in my hand. I was holding a razor, dully colored and rather plain. But it
was the answer I sought. It had to be. It was.

I had already decided that this was going to be it for me. I couldn't deal with the way things were headed... Not anymore. I was
playing with Trunks' feelings; I had to end it. No more questions, no more confusion. It was too painful; it hurt- physically,
mentally, emotionally.

I drew in a shaky breath, one of my last. Slowly, I lowered the blade to my upturned wrist, touching the thin, cool edge to my
hot flesh. A strange pang of guilt pushed through me, but I ignored it, forcing it far from me.

I wasn't backing out. Not from this. There was no other way.

Slowly I pushed the blade into my flesh, hardly noticing the sting.

Crimson fluid oozed around the edge. I felt excited with morbid interest. I watched as the blood continued to make its way
from me, running down my arm.

This was my trouble, my problems, my anxiety. This was my pain. All flowing from me. Leaving. A cool sense of ease fell over
me as I watched my arm become hidden by a veil of blood.

With sick curiosity I ran a finger through the thick red liquid. Bringing it up to my mouth I flicked my tongue out to taste it. It was
warm, and tasted metallic. The blood excited me.

I looked over at my clean wrist, examining it carefully. Chuckling softly I lowered the crimson blade to it. Blood trickled out from
there as well. I dropped the razor and looked at my arms with aberrant fascination.

The blood from the first slit had reached my elbow, staining my shirt. I frowned slightly; I had liked this shirt. The thought
almost made me laugh.

Too absorbed in my self-demise I took no notice of the door opening. I did, however, notice the gasp and banging of the door.

"My God! Goten! What are you doing? Oh my God... Oh my God!" Trunks exclaimed, his voice filling the room.

My eyes widened and heart raced. I'd been caught. It was the feeling of a deer caught in the headlights... what to do?

Emotions rushed through me as I turned to him, tears flooding my eyes and flowing down my cheeks, "It's bad Trunks... God...
I'm sorry..."

He grabbed my arms carefully, taking no notice of my blood getting on his hands and clothes.

"Goten, why? Oh God, this is bad... No, we have to get you help... C'mon!" He tugged at me.

I followed dumbly, barely managing to move my feet beneath me.

"Trunks... I..."

He turned, stopping briefly, "What?"

"I... I'm so sorry..." My voice faded, leaving me. I felt lightheaded, the world shifting in and out of focus. I swayed, trying to keep
my balance.

Without warning my world shifted violently, the ground rushing up at me. Before I smashed into to it I was caught at my
shoulders. Strong hands holding me up. I wanted to look up at him but couldn't as everything around me got dark.

"Oh God... God no..." I heard it seemingly from afar; it drifted softly to my ear. Then all was silent.


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