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Pairings: Trunks+Goten (note the '+', there's a difference)

Notes: This doesn't exactly have a place in the timeline, it's just when Trunks 18ish and Goten is 17ish. The lengths of the
chapters vary, I tried to keep them all decent, sorry for anything too short

Warnings: Angst, my sense of humor, Goten torture (in a sense at least), and need I mention shounen ai?

Disclaimer: DBZ mine? I wish!

I felt something pulling me, forcing me back. But that was where the pain was, that was where the confusion and the
questions were. Why did I have to go back? It'd be so much easier to just slip away, back to the comforting numb, away
from the pain.

Shocking. Something shot through me. My chest rose high, lungs gasping in air I had forgotten to take. I felt it now, the pain
in my chest, in my soul. Pulsing throughout my being with every beat of my heart.

I didn't want to feel it. I didn't want to hurt anymore. But I knew I had to. I knew I did. Some far off part of my mind told me
that I owed that much. I had to open my eyes, had to move.

I couldn't. My limbs hung freely now, I could tell, but felt as heavy as boulders. My eyelids were drawn down, feeling sleepy.

Wait- I was moving. How? Where? Now I really had to open my eyes. Move.

With a move that seemed to draw all my strength I forced my eyes open. Blurry at first. I blinked. Still nothing recognizable.
Between blinking and squinting I found the right adjustment and looked.

I saw him. His face, his hair. His eyes... Laced with worry? Why? I closed my eyes to think.

Quicker movement now. Voices. Gasps. Jerking. Something wet fell on my face. Slowly I looked to him again, to Trunks'
face. Tears falling from his eyes. Why? Another hit my face.

I moved my lips, forming silent words. Nothing but air came out from me. I tried again, still nothing.

The movement stopped. Blurred voices filled my ears. Something soft was under me now. Movement again. A different
movement- smooth.

My vision grew fuzzy again. I tried to focus on anything. Again, I saw his face. He looked so upset. Why? I moved my lips
again, this time sound passing through them. "Trunks," I whispered.

With the mention of that name my body ached. So much more pain. It shot through me like hot electricity, burning my very

I cried out, it hurt. My body shook.

Tight voices, loud, echoing.

"Goten...?" A soft voice, soothing. Something warm around my hand. A gentle squeeze. "Please..."

I pushed the pain away, forcing it back to the darkness inside. I focused my vision better, willing it to stay. "Trunks?" I
croaked. My throat burned but I spoke again, "Trunks... where...?"

Suddenly a tight grip on my hand. A foreign weight on my chest.The smell of shampoo in my nose. I looked down to see
purple hair under my chin. A body on mine. A hand smothering my own from view.

"Goten... Thank God..." It spoke. Trunks' voice. This was Trunks, I knew that... But why was he like this?

"Trunks," A small smile fell across my lips. I tried to move my other hand to him but couldn't. Something was holding me. I
looked at the offending restraint. A tube coming out of my arm and up to a bag. A raised an eyebrow. "Where are we?"

The weight on my chest moved. The purple hair lifted up, revealing a face with worry filled eyes and a forced smile. "It's
okay now, Goten, just relax, buddy."

I tried to answer but couldn't. I froze. Floods of thoughts and memories hit me. Confusion. Pain. Questions. Hurt. Anger. My
heart thumped faster with each new thing that arose in my mind. More confusion. More anger. So much more pain. My
breath came to me quickly, in short bursts. The voices got loud again. The hand over mine tightened its grip.

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

"Goten? Goten. c'mon, wake up."

My shoulder was shaken by something cool. I tried to shrug it off; I was warm and wanted to sleep.

"Goten." The voice pleaded, hints of worry and anxiety within it.

Something about that voice. I didn't know why but I felt compelled to answer. Slowly, forcing sound from my mouth, I
answered, "fernmph?"

"Goten? Goten! You're awake! God, you scared me!" Cool arms wrapped around my shoulders and a weight pushed down
on my chest.

"Nn? Gohan?" I yawned, slowly opening my eyes. "Gohan, wassa' matter?"

He put a hand on my cheek and smiled, "Thank God you're awake now. You had everyone worried."

I shivered at the cool flesh touching my own. "Everyone was worried..? What about?" Why would everyone worry about

He nodded, "Trunks was freaked out, he couldn't really even talk. I'll go get him." Gohan rose and left the room.

Trunks was worried? Why? I closed my eyes to the bright lights of the room. Without warning, questions were flung at me
as I remembered all that had occurred earlier.

I don't know what we are. who we are really. My identity. Am I his boyfriend or I am something else? Why can't we be best
friends like before? Why does he care so much?

"Not again. not again. Leave me be." I groaned, rubbing my temples.

"You want me to leave, Goten?"

"What?" I opened m eyes again, ignoring the stinging light, "Oh no, not you, Trunks. eh, never mind."

"Oh." He sat awkwardly by me, "Uh. How ya feeling?"

I sighed. Like crap. All of me hurts. My body, my heart. just me. I hurt. "Okay, I guess. What.. Um. What happened?" I asked,
trying to clear my head somewhat.

"I was hoping you could tell me. You fainted in the bathroom after throwing up." He sighed, "I was. really worried about you. I
thought it was something I did. was it?"

"No," I answered quickly, "No, Trunks. It was just me. I guess I'm coming down with something." A case of cowardice I bet.

"Are you sure you're okay? You look a bit pale." He ran the back of his hand lightly over my cheek.

I nodded slightly, looking up at him.

He took my hand, "I'm glad you're alright, Chibi." He smiled softly.

I sighed inwardly. How could I even face him like this? He didn't like me as a friend. He pitied me, felt badly for me. That's
not what I wanted. Not what I needed. I offered a smile back at him. "Thanks."

He ruffled my hair, "Don't do that again, okay? You really had me scared," He said, a hint of worry in his voice.

I sighed, "I promise."

"Thank you."


He leaned down and kissed my forehead gently, as if I would break if he touched me too hard.


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