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Pairings: Trunks+Goten (note the '+', there's a difference)

Notes: This doesn't exactly have a place in the timeline, it's just when Trunks 18ish and Goten is 17ish. The lengths of the
chapters vary, I tried to keep them all decent, sorry for anything too short

Warnings: Angst, my sense of humor, Goten torture (in a sense at least), and need I mention shounen?

Disclaimer: DBZ mine? I wish!

School dragged on as it always did. Though time seemed slower every time my plan ran through my mind. I looked up to
the clock, work forgotten, for the fifth time that class. I would've guessed time was moving backwards had the dismissal bell
not sounded then.

I jumped from my seat, not hearing anything but my thoughts pounding in my ears. I quickly made my way from the
constricting room, almost gasping for air as my mind whirled and my heart raced.

I bumped into people in the hall, but I didn't care. I needed to get out of this school, to initiate the plan that had keep me up
for the better part of two days. I had rehearsed in my mind, written it down on paper (only to crumble my scribblings), acted
out both parts to the point of exhausting my voice, and had reasoned with myself on how it was going to work; yet I still
heard the nagging voice in the back of my head.

What if it didn't work? What if Trunks truly hated me beyond fixing our friendship? Would he even believe me?

I didn't dwell on those thoughts. I needed to breathe, I needed Trunks. There were no more questions in my mind, I was
going through with it. I couldn't live another day without my best friend.

I had managed my way outside the school. Hurriedly walking the way to Trunks' house, desperately hoping he wasn't too
far ahead of me. Increasing my pace to a jog, I finally spotted the purple haired teen I sought.

Slowing again to a quick walk, I reached for Trunks' shoulder. He froze. My heart skipped. I stood there with a questioning
look he didn't see. I finally let out the breath I had been holding when he spoke, only to get wracked by nervous shivers at
the tone of his voice.

"What is it, Goten." He sounded cold and flat, his voice lacking all the qualities I knew it to hold.

"I..we.." I stumbled through my words, having trouble saying the thoughts in my head, "we need to talk, Trunks."

He turned to face me. His eyes were different now though. They were a cold grayish color. I could see nothing in them. No
feelings, no emotions. Like glass clouded over, they yielded nothing. I shuddered inside.

"What was needed to be said has been. There's no use discussing what's in the past." There was something in his voice I
couldn't place. Passed the cool, flat monotone there seemed to be something, feeling. Was it...hope?

I was straining to keep from yelling. From just bursting with what I was thinking. But I knew that I had to stay collected, for
his sake. For our sake. I could tell he believed what he said, but he also was waiting, hoping for some kind of disagreement
from me. I hoped what I was planning would work.

"No, we need to talk..." I trailed off, my voice loosing it's edge as my eyes pleaded with him. "Please, Trunks." I said softly.

He sighed, an obvious battle going on in his thoughts. His eyes told nothing of what he was thinking, so lifeless compared
to normal. Looking back at me with an intensity that sent a prickly cold down my spine, he nodded.

"We'll talk, but not here. Come on." He turned and began to continue his trek to his house.

Willing my feet to move, I stumbled dumbly up to his side. During our walk no words were exchanged. All that came from
either of us was an occasional sigh, or the scoffing of a foot against the ground.

I yielded to my thoughts once more, allowing them to flood my mind.

I was walking next to Trunks. It felt good. Relieving. Yet at the same time the tense air between us let me only relax enough
that my heart stopped racing. I glanced at Trunks, knowing that I did indeed need him back.

Finally we came to the door of his not so humble home. He opened it and walked in, waiting for me to follow. We made the
familiar walk to his room, and entered in the same manner we had the previous door. He sat his bag down on his chair,
then sat down on the edge of his bed.

I followed his movements with my eyes. Taking a deep breath, I walked over to sit along the edge of his bed as well, hoping
he wouldn't mind. He made no move as if to tell me to find another spot, so I remained where I was.

Sighing, he spoke first, "Well, we're here, let's talk."

I tensed again at his monotone voice. Had I really taken that much life from him? I cleared my throat, unsuccessfully trying
to remove the lump there.

"Trunks," I sighed, looking him in the eye, "I'm...sorry..."

He tensed, his eyes showing what I guessed to be surprise. He said nothing, so I continued.

"What happened a week ago... I didn't mean to..." I looked at my feet, at the floor, and at the wall, anywhere out of his gaze.
"What I mean is... I need you, Trunks. I...I can't let our friendship end like this..." My words trailed off as I realized rehearsing
a moment like this didn't help. Finding my voice again, what I next said came out in a rush, "I really need you. I was scared
was all, Trunks. God was I scared. It was like discovering something that totally changed my outlook. I didn't mean to be an

Looking back at him I saw the look he was giving me. A look like 'What the Hell?'. He was opening his mouth to say
something when I cut him off.

"Look, it's stupid to loose what we had over me. Please, Trunks, I need what we had. It was a part of me I can't stand to
loose. It hurts, it really does... I...I wanna make it up to you..." I took a shaky breath, my heart beating wildly in my chest and
my stomach turning, "I... I love you Trunks..."

I didn't have time to think of what I was doing. I leaned forward pressing my lips to his. It wasn't romantic and it wasn't good,
but it sent shivers all throughout my body.

His eyes flew open and he drew back as if being burnt. He looked at me like I was crazy, raising his eyebrow to a new

I guiltily moved my head back, eyes downcast. "I... um... I'm really sorry, I...I just..." I didn't believe it, but hot tears rushed to
my eyes. I pleaded with them, begging them not to go any further. I failed, I realized, as a look of confusion crossed Trunks'

Slowly, gently, he moved a hand to my face, wiping the water from my chin and following the wet trail it had left up to my
eye. He tilted my face up, looking intently in my eyes. I couldn't help but blush under the scrutiny.

He tilted his head, contemplating the situation. Then, ever so slowly, he drew my face to his for another soft kiss.

This time my eyes opened wide, but I knew this was what needed to be done. I ran my hand gently up his back, resting it on
the back of his neck. I smiled against his lips. This was right. I was going to get Trunks back now. My best friend was once
again my best friend.

Without warning Trunks drew back again. I fell forward slightly at the loss. He stood up so quickly I thought he was going to
jump to the ceiling. I sent him a very confused look. "Trunks-"

He shook his head, sighing, "You should go now, Goten."

I had to control my heart from jumping clear through my chest. What did he just say? I had to leave? But... I thought we had
just become friends... What...?

I stood, slowly, trying to pull my thoughts together enough to process this.

I watched as Trunks walked to his door and stopped, waiting for me to follow. I dragged my feet, silently hoping that this
was not happening. But as I reached the door he merely opened it.

I had to control my urge to lock the door and stay right where I was. I looked to Trunks again, his head was lowered, eyes
seemingly fixed on his shoes.

"What's so fascinating about them? You wear them everyday." I said, attempting to lighten the tense mood that had fallen
between us.

He looked up, if only for a brief second, but I could see something in his eyes now. Fear. Looking away again, he shuffled
his feet, as a light tinge of pink came to his cheeks. I reached a hand forward, touching him lightly on his shoulder.


"Do you really hate me that much, Trunks?" I allowed my hurt from the passed days to be heard in my voice. He cringed but
said nothing. Sighing, I turned towards the door, and started out.

"Wait," His voice was soft, almost like he hadn't meant it to be heard.

I paused in my step, waiting for him to continue. "Yeah?"

He stepped toward me, leaving inches between our bodies. Closing the gap he slinked an arm around my waist as his lips
met mine in a fiery kiss. Before I had a chance to really think about what was going on, he moved his lips up to my ear.

"Think about this, Goten." He whispered, his warm breath tickling my ear.

"But I-"

"Shh," He put a finger to my lips, "Now you really should go." Then he turned and walked to his desk, starting his work.

I shook my head slightly, sighing and turning as I did so. I made my way out to the front of Capsule Corp. and took to the air
for home. Thoughts barraged my mind, but I kept them at bay, simply running over what had occurred in Trunks room.


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