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Pairings: Trunks+Goten (note the '+', there's a difference)

Notes: This doesn't exactly have a place in the timeline, it's just when Trunks 18ish and Goten is 17ish. The lengths of the
chapters vary, I tried to keep them

all decent, sorry for anything too short

Warnings: Angst, my sense of humor, Goten torture (in a sense at least), and need I mention shounen ai?

Disclaimer: DBZ's not mine...damn

~Part 3~

I lay on the grass in the old sparring grounds. Old was right, seeing that there was actual vegetation growing across the dirt.

I sighed. We used to spar here, when things weresimple anyway. When Trunks was just Trunks and I wasn't a monster. But
times change, dramatically. Had I known about this change I would've tried to avoid it.

What an idiot I have become. In such a short time too. At least before last week I held some tact to what I said. But it all
changed, and for the worse. I managed to make an ass out of myself without saying anything.

"I can't imagine what would've happened had I spoke then..." I muttered to no one but myself. I had to get used to talking to
myself, after all, I'd lost the only one I could ever really talk to anyway.

This sent yet another round of those damned questions through my head. This time though I focused on only a couple.

Why am I such a bumbling idiot and how can I make it up to him?

That was it. That's what I had to do. I had to make it up to Trunks, I just had to. I couldn't live without him as my best friend. I
couldn't take the cold looks and tight words anymore.

Then I thought of another thing. I knew what I had to do, great, but how I was going to make it up to him was a completely
different task all together. I couldn't live without him, that much was pretty clear by all the thoughts that attacked my mind
when I should've been sleeping. And I don't think he could live with me, the uncaring, self-centered, bumbling fool that I had

What to do then? I needed him back like I needed to breathe. He was always something that was there, and I now realized he
had become a necessity to me long ago.

I covered my face with my hands, willing a plan of some sort to come. It was almost ironic. Thoughts bombarded my mind
without my wishing them to, but when I needed just one, none would come. I lay there, with my hands over my eyes, for a long
time. How long, I don't know. Time hadn't beena factor to me for awhile now. I rolled plan after plan over in my mind. Nothing
seemed reasonable; nothing was drastic enough to get my best friend back.

I opened my eyes only to find the sky a deepening shade of blue. Time had slipped by once again. As it usually did, it left no
plan. I was determined. Deciding not to leave until I thought of something, I rolled onto my stomach, resting my face on my

I closed my eyes to stare at the darkness behind my eyelids. Hoping that something would spring up from the endless black.
Surprisingly enough, something did.

I needed to get Trunks back. I acted like an ass and didn't deserve his friendship. Where there once was love and kindness
now was bitterness.

Love. There was love there. The kind of love that can only be shared between best friends. Sacred love. Something never
meant to be torn like it had.

Our love had been shredded. It hadn't taken long and it didn't need words. I had broken it.

And. broken his heart?

I knew what I felt, which if it wasn't heartache it was as close as I ever wanted to come to it. My heart felt torn, as did some
deeper part of me. And if I felt this way being the monster... I shuddered to think of how Trunks was feeling. But I knew I had to
think of him, I couldn't help it. He was a part of my being that needed to be there.

That's how I knew what to do. Broken love such as ours couldn't be patched over or given a quick fix. It needed to be made
how it had before. Through love and kindness, through true friendship.

It had taken many years to make what we had, yet seconds to destroy it. I hadn't realized how fragile love could be. Trunks'
heart was in what he had told me, and I had ripped it from him.

I was going to fix this. Through love. That's what needed repair, was our love. But I didn't have the years we spent building our
friendship now. I couldn't wait that long to see Trunks happy again. I couldn't wait that long to be whole.

If love was needed to fix this problem I caused, then I would love Trunks.

Springing off the ground, I took to the air. Running my plan over in my head, filling my body with such excitement I felt my
heart pound against my chest as if it wanted to jump out.


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