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Author: I have many pen names…. so don’t be thinking I stole this from ‘Mel Twinkle’ if you’re on the SS list… For we are one
in the same ^_-

Pairings: Trunks+Goten (note the ‘+’, there’s a difference)

Notes: This doesn't exactly have a place in the timeline, it's just when Trunks 18ish and Goten is 17ish. The lengths of the
chapters vary, I tried to keep them all decent, sorry for anything too short

Warnings: Angst, my sense of humor, Goten torture (in a sense at least), and need I mention yaoi?

Disclaimer: DBZ name mine…damn

~Part 1~

Two words. Short words. Simple words. Ha! Like they could ever be simple. Never. I never ever thought that I would ever hear
those two words.

They were rushed, obvious rehearsal gone to waste. The sound of pure fear followed and enveloped them.

The words seemed amusing at first. Laughable for the split second before I could hear the emotion behind them.

It makes me almost wish I didn't hear them at all. Never before had I longed for that tone in his voice. The tone that said 'Ha! I
got you this time!'

I was shocked to my core. My very sense of who I knew to be my best friend had shifted. I was ashamed that it had happened,
but I couldn't help it. Those words, those damned words, they did it. They made my best friend into something less.

They made my world crumble. I never knew before that words held so much power. Simple words. Short words.

The words Trunks had mumbled had sent my mind whirling.

The two words? "I'm gay."

They were said quickly, before his breath could with hold them from reaching his� mouth. Filled with such emotion, such

I would've laughed had his eyes not told me his words were true.

I would've punched him in the arm and thrown an attempt at a joke at him had his voice not trembled with those two words.

And had he not been wringing the sweat from his hands and swallowing invisible lumps in his throat I would've called him

I did no such thing.

He was serious. More serious than was his usual demeanor. This was the type of sober seriousness that only came with
much concentrated and calculated thought.

Thoughts crashed through my mind as a bull would a house of glass, yet not forming words. Every moment I had spent with
Trunks was being analyzed. Scene after scene was played before my mind's eye. Innocent games were scrutinized to the
point of being twisted into something to pleasure the sordid teen in front of me. The sleepovers, the games, the sparring; all
were turned into Trunks' sorry attempt to get that much closer to me.

I was appalled. I felt nauseous to the point of having that acidic taste in the back of my mouth.

Finding out that Trunks' was gay felt like betrayal. It felt as though all I had know of him previously was false. That the Trunks I
had called my best friend for all my life had turned out to be something else.

I thought of him as a monster of sorts. Not in the sense of traditional monsters, but more as an ugly creature; a being that
didn't deserve to sit in front of me, looking at me with those eyes.

I considered him different in every aspect that he once was. He no longer was Trunks. He couldn't be. Because Trunks was
my best friend, not someone who was gay.

He looked at me, never breaking his stare. There was something in his eyes. Something foreign that I couldn't recognize.
Searching for an explanation in his eyes brought only complication. Confusion. I didn't know.

What was it?

I couldn't tell. It seemed a mix of the very emotions I felt.

He was hurt, as I was; he was confused, as I was; he was scared.

I wasn't scared. Or was I? But what�was my fear? What was I hoping wasn't there?

It was then that I realized one of two things, the first being loudest in my thoughts.

Trunks was gay.

I was scared.

I was scared because my best friend was gay.

That didn't answer all my wondering, for it only created more questions. But my mind in the state of shock it was in couldn't
process more reasons.

And then my second realization spoke up. I hadn't said anything. I had sat, staring back into the eyes before me, speechless.
No word had escaped into the air from my lips for the passed minutes.

The quantity of minutes passed was lost on me, for in my thoughts I had no sense of time. All I knew was the boy before me.
His face, his eyes.

Suddenly breaking the silence was a sigh. From me? No. From the one across from me. Trunks sighed and closed his eyes,
seemingly loosing some sort of battle between himself and me. He rose quietly, looking down on me.

There was something else in his eyes. I knew what this one was.

Disappointment. Deep disappointment.

It was clear in those blue orbs. As clear as if I were reading it from a book. But his reasoning behind such a feeling was not.
Yet another onslaught of unvoiced questions battered my brain. The biggest of all, why?

But before any sound came from my lips, he blinked, letting one solemn tear fall to his cheek. Turning his back to me he
walked for the door and left. Not uttering another word.

Confusion, so much confusion. My eyes followed him as he left, questioning his actions. Why? What did he expect from me?

I turned to my bed and attacked my pillow, beating the feathers from it as if they held some answer to my questions. But they
didn't. And I knew they wouldn't.

Answers never came throughout the countless minutes that passed.

Was it minutes? It could've been hours. Time had slipped by yet again as more and more questions came to me. Or perhaps
it wasn't more questions, but the same questions over and over again.


Why was I afraid? What did I fear? Why did I fear my best friend? Is he still my best friend? Or is he now something lower
because of his confession? Why did he tell me? Why didn't I know? How could my best friend- if he was my best friend- be

To Be Continued….

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