Here's my philosophy on life. It's not deeply profound but it is a little... grotesque perhaps:

Life is like one big toilet. The further into it you get, the more shit you get into. Shit is not fun nor does it smell very nice. Also,
there will come a point in your toilet bowl existence that your face will become like toilet paper, in that, as toilet paper, your
face will be rubbed in the shit. And eventually, the toilet bowl existence will get worse, believe it or not. The handle will be
pulled (or pushed, the variation depending upon your flusher handle) and all the fucked up shit in your life will swarm you,
attacking from all sides and smothering you in stuff you wish you could just get passed. (No pun intended on the 'passed') It
will glom onto you and pull you under, expelling you from the toilet bowl of life. Yes, sadly, one's life can be compared to that
of a toilet.
Man, I have high hopes.

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