An ode to chocolate— more or less. I’ve been told it’s slightly pornographic… then again, that came from my
more-than-slightly-demented friends… at any rate, enjoy.

The Taste of Chocolate

Written by Chocolate’s Biggest Fan

Carefully, slowly you release the rich brown bar from its foil confinement. Gently- ever so gently- you break off a small piece.
As you bring it up to your mouth you stop for a moment, taking in the sight of the dark, smooth surface. Inhaling deeply the
aroma floods your nose, sending your brain into a small state of euphoric bliss. You once again continue the piece's trek to
your mouth, releasing your grip. The piece falls gently to your tongue, cushioned from any harsh impact by the luxurious mat.
You capture it, shutting off the exit behind walls of white pearls encased in soft pink flesh. The sweet morsel melts, spreading
itself thin across the roof of your mouth and the surface of your needy tongue. It reaches first the buds in front, though wisps
by them for its taste does not attract a hint of sour. It next journeys to the salty region; yet it rests there only briefly for that is
not where its true contents lie. Finally, after waiting, bearing the terrible seclusion, the liquefied treat finds the bud for
sweetness. Instantly, messages of splendorous bliss are sent rocketing to your brain. Your mind swims with the awesome
signals firing in your mind, dispatching the release and feeling of greatest contentment. You inhale the sweet smell of the
treat once again, this time in utter joy, your mind spinning in the whirlpool of euphoric blessedness. But alas, this feeling may
not last forever. You sigh and regretfully swallow the sweet chocolate. As it slides down the passages of your esophagus you
stare longingly at the remaining portion of the delicious bar. Smiling as a thief before the steal, you snatch the chocolate in
one quick swipe. Bringing it to your mouth you loose control as your mind screams and tongue begs for the taste- the
experience of the treat. Without hesitation you shove the bar in, chewing rapidly and swallowing, if only to please your aching
mind. And all at once it's over. The messages are no longer being sent, the bliss no longer running rampant throughout your
head. Though it is over, you sigh contently, happiness echoing through your thoughts.

Ah, the taste of chocolate.

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