Pictures of exciting moments during Thomas Oscar's birth and Christopher's pregnancy!

Baby's meeting theworld! Here, thedoctors work
diligently to gently free Thomas' head from Christopher's
What a face!
Perhaps he's a little sore at being so rudely awoken! Of course, Thomas later looks truwly angelic.
Out and about! The doctor gently clean Thomans Oscar little body after finally freeing the small babe.
This is one of the first sonograms Christopher recieved during his pregnancy. Look at little Thomas Oscar move!

Christopher waits apprehensively for his labor to advance before the doctors begin the C-Section. A look of grim determination settles about his face as he knows the coming hours will not be easy... but the reward far outweighs the cost!
This is a radiograph of Cristopher during his ninth month of pregnancy. Notice how Thomas Oscar has turned -- he's more ready to meet the world than his male-mommy!