The Whole Dysfunctional Family!

The whole dysfuctional family of Thomas Oscar. Left to Right:
Dr. Corey Wilmont, Aunt Alex MsAlister, relation Kyla Buckingham, Aunt Patty Davis, Aunt Risa Miller, Male-Mommy Christopher Jones, Aunt Alicia Barkley and Uncle Joshua Jones.

Scared senseless! Chistopher was scared, rightly so, upon receiving the confirmation of his pregnancy.
Thomas Oscar's Uncle, Joshua Jones, reactions is surprise and a tad dismay to the news of Christopher's pregnancy. The other in this photo graph refused to let us show her horrified reaction.

The... estatic... father. Though Phillip Helton vehementaly denies all accusations of drug use, clearly he is on something if this is his happy reaction to the news of his partner's pregnancy.