*angelic music*
*music stops*

Right, ANYway.... So you want to submit something to this humble site? YEA! *dances* Err... *cough* What I meant was... HELL YEA! ^-^ We're always looking for some more great stuff to add! Don't see your fandom? It's alright! Fell free to submit any fanfic and/or original work as long as it follows the guidlelines!

**All work you submit must be yours -- NO STEALING! If we are alerted to the fact that the work is stolen, we will hunt you down and kill you. No, but seriously, it's someone else's hard work, don't put your name on it if it's not yours.

**All work must be appropriate for the disturbed mind. Meaning, simply, nothing that will make me throw up and/pr have nightmares. Keep it clean... at least semi-clean. If your fic/story is about rape, incest, abuse...etc... that's fine! We just want to make sure it's nothing WAY out there. Personally, beastiality squicks me and the other help at this site. If you have a beastiality fic/story or pic, leave it on your hardrive! If you're unsure as to whether or not your submission will be accepted, feel free to send it anyway.

**All stories/fics must be proof read, preferably betaed. No one wants to pick through a story because every other word is misspelled. Please read over your work, or have a friend, neighbor, parent, teacher, president, WHATEVER, read over your work. Your readers will thank you.

**All art must be no larger than one meg. Perferably, SMALLER than that. Please guys, I have a MODEM, not DSL, keep them down in file size. (A note here: If you scan your work be sure to save it in .JPG or .GIF. NO .TIFF! .TFF files are HUGE! They are very high resolution but the picture is just as good in .JPG or .GIF.)

**When submitting a story, fic, pic, or drawing please be sure to include: YOUR name and YOUR contact info (and whether or not you wish for your email addy to be published), along with the TITLE of you work ("Untitled" is fine as long as you state that) and a brief description. Key words are essential! Lemon, Lime, Het, Yaoi... USE THEM! It makes it easier for everyone. ALSO, when emailing the file, please put YOUR NAME in the subject line along with WHAT IT IS. Please be sure to make your attachments .doc or .html for text and .jpg or .gif for pictures ONLY.

**Send any and all submissions to pattyd@c-zone.net.

Thanks! We really appreciate your submissions!

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