Find your inner Looper!

1. So, what's your special talent?

Going from 0 to Bitch .385 second flat.
Using my amazing wit to piss the Hell outta people.
Playing psychiatrist.
Whoring yourself unwittingly to the general public (*cough*Drama kids*cough*)
Tapping on nearly every surface imaginable (Jonah included ^_-)

2. Where will you be in 20 years?

Barefoot and pregnant, teaching a bunch of insolent teenagers.
Making men pregnant ^_^V
As far away from The Loop as possible.
Reading the Torah during a sermon at a Catholic church while wearing a "I am Mormon" shirt.
Being Bubba's bi-otch at a medium security prison.

3. What are your downfalls?

Animals in general. Must... not... cuddle...
Treasure and shiny objects... *cough*Pregnant men*cough*
Having a big heart.
Funny looking guys with odd personalities.
Virgin girls... and 12 year old boys... and Jonah...

4. Where are you most likely to be found?

In front of my computer pigging out some form of sugary goodness.
Sitting in front of my computer, plotting the take-over of the entire world with 10 bucks and a ruler.
At a therapist's office.
Doing naughty things in the confessional.
In a medium security prison shower room, getting screwed by Bubba, tapping...

5. What do you look like?

I'm vertically challenged, children of the corn-ish.
Vertically gifted... think Goliath.
Vertically challenged, psychiatrist-type.
A cross between a Mormon, a Rabbi, and and Catholic priest (Oh God, one Hell of a bar joke.)
"Mommy, mommy, the circus is in town!"

6. Who's the star-character of your sexual fantasy?

Aragorn, love that ruggad "have sex with me cause I'm filthy" look.
Legolas, Elrond... elves in general... *drool*
Chandler or Joey from Friends. ^_^
The Josh Miller type (*shudders*).
The Jonah types (aka, Josh Miller types... *shudders*).

7. What type of music do you listen to?

Japaense, America... Australian (Savage Garden *drool*).
Anything with a good beat.
80's all te way!
What music? I just tap it out!

8. What compelled you to take this quiz?

There was a commercial on tv.
Because someone promised me money... damn it!
I'm kinda bored.
Well, since whoring's kinda slow at the moment...
I'm looking for Jonah (aka a Quickie)

9. There's a really cool concert happining tonight and all you friends are going to be there. But your dad won't let you go. What do you do?

Curse him to the bowels of Lavar! (Or any other Heavenly being cause Heaven is just... *shudder*)
Go anyway and apologize later ^_^V.
Won't let me go? What are you talking about? I'm the after-party host...
Yell at him and call him a jerk.
Throw a fit, then pout.

10. If you saw a dove with a broken wing, what would you do?

Heal it.
Poke it with a stick. Laugh. Eat it.
Try to comfort the fallen bird.
Take it to the museum where I happen to work and let the hawks have fun hunting ^_^V.
Start tapping on it... "Guess what, you're a drum!".