Pristine Bouquet

    "Lady Luna, I have brought a gift for you." The young boy held out his
pale hand and, entwined in his long, delicate fingers, was a bouquet of white
flowers of all kinds. "Do you like them, Lady? It took me a long time to find
so many different flowers that were so pale and perfect like you." Turquoise
eyes gazed curiously at the giant luminescent pearl hanging in the night sky.
"You do not seem as sad tonight, Lady. Have you finally found someone to
comfort you? Someone who has driven away your loneliness?"

    As if in response to the boy's question the bright aura surrounding the
glowing white orb became brighter. The boy smiled. "That is good, My Lady. I
am happy for you. I wish you and your Shining Star much happiness. I only
wish I could join you, but I'm happy here. Mother and I have been getting
along for some time now and grandpa doesn't get so mad at me. Everything has
been going so well. I've even made some new friends."

    "I'm sure you've seen them. Ame and Shaiwren. They're a bit odd, I'll
admit, but they're the only friends I have that are anywhere near my age. I
don't know why, but I just can't bring myself to trust anyone that's my age."
The boy sighed and tilted his head down making his silvery blond hair spill
over his shoulder like a silk curtain. "Perhaps I believe it will hurt more
if I lost one of them. Or, rather, that they will be easier prey for my
accursed father!"

    Suddenly the moon's glow dimmed. The youth looked up, alarmed. "I'm
sorry, My Lady. I did not mean to burden you with my thoughts. You have
enough as it is with the pathetic lovers who confide in you or others with
problems equal to my own who choose to burden you heavily. Heh, what am I
saying? No one could have suffered the same fate as I. Or could they?" Again
the white orb glowed bright. "Really? Hmm, but I suppose their father wasn't
a powerful vampire lord whom everyone, including the infamous Sin, hates."

    The aura dimmed then brightened once more causing the youth to smile.
"Forgive my impudence, White Lady. Or was it the mentioning of Sin's name?"
The boy stared at shining moon waiting for an answer, but it never came. He
quirked a brow as he continued gazing at the moon. "You grow tired of this
idle banter, My Lady? Very well. Before I go I will give you my gift." The
boy glanced down at the white bouquet in his hand and then he threw it out
onto the moonlit lake.

    He bowed once and walked away leaving the blossoms to float on the lake
leisurely. When he entered the main hallway of his home he stopped once to
look out the window. "Goodnight, Lady Pearl. Until the next time we meet." As
he walked away from the window the boy heard a voice whispering to him.

    "Goodnight, little Axl." The boy smiled and went to his room, shutting
the door quietly so as not to disturb anyone, and curled up on his bed
falling asleep instantly

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