Prometheus and his Eagle(1); A Tale of Romance in One Part

Hot wind ruffled his dirty hair, blowing it in his face. He turned his head, embracing the caress of the breeze against his
face. He longed to sit up, to stand, to raise his arms and feel the air rush over his body.

Yet he could not, forever he could not.

He pulled his arms against the restraining bite of the metal cuffs to no avail. The chains were too strong, the metal too thick.
He repeated the action with his legs yet again found his shackles were too strong once again.

It figured, of course, that a god would ensure the chains he used on his prisoner would hold through the sentence.

Eternity? that was how long he was going to be chained to the rock, tied to his prison.

For blessing mankind and enlightening their race he was forced to this punishment.

He gave them fire, knowledge and power? he received eternal death.

He heard it then, the sound that signaled his anguish day after day. The screaming rage of a huge eagle. It always came at
the same time, never early, never late. He was to die the exact same way each afternoon, no change in technique to add a
tantalizing flare of interest.

He turned his head and watched as the great byrd(2) came into view. The sight had always impressed him for no ordinary
eagle was given the task of killing the Titan. The eagle was not just a bird, no, he was a byrd of the godís choosing.

Another deep cry echoed through the crisp air as the eagle swooped down to claim its prey. With the grace possessed by
only the greatest fliers, the eagle landed on a ledge next to the man.

The eagle was a byrd, a special blend of creatures. He was gigantic by bird standards, with wings that could span vast
distances. His feathers were long and elegant, and glistened in the afternoon sun.

However, he was far-gone from looking like a normal bird. His body was a lean, muscular mass; tanned flesh covered the
quivering muscles. His arms and legs were long and thin, though far from scrawny. He possessed a power envied by man,
beast and titan. No feathers stuck out from his flawless skin, for he had the body of man. The byrd wore no clothing or
scrap of cloth to cover his nakedness for he was still an animal and had no reason to have modesty. Last in procession yet
not in character was his face. A beautifully sculpted face with perfect lips and perfect eyes; eyes that could search a soul or
scorn a man with a look.

With a soft lift of his lips he looked at the Titan. "Prometheus," his voice was smooth and cool, combining a gentle breeze
with a fiery energy that lay inches behind it.

"Eagle," Prometheus spoke with a nod of acknowledgement. "Here to kill me again?" A hint of a laugh was woven between
his words.

The byrd sighed deeply as he turned his head to gaze in the distance. "It is also my eternal fate, Prometheus, to kill you
each day, to eat your liver savagely."

Prometheus nodded. "And I am glad to be killed by one such as your self, Eagle, for it is a strange occurrence to rest my
eyes on such a lovely beast."

The byrd turned back to face Prometheus. "The guilt you cause me is my own torment, Prometheus, and as a result of no
deed of my own," he said softly.

"I gifted the race I created with an element of the godís and for that grace I am tormented."

"I cannot apologize for I serve the very gods you disobeyed."

"I know and understand, Eagle, do not set your mind to worry about such things; the matter should not bite at your

The eagle walked toward the titan with slow steps as he folded his long wings behind him. A smile graced the titanís lips as
the same one was mirrored on the eagleís face.

"I can set my mind to ease, Prometheus, though my heart refuses to be calmed."

Prometheusí eyes lit with humor. "You and your heart, Beast, not what the gods intended."

"The godsí intentions can be thrown away if only for my comfort," he grinned as he sidled next to the titan.

Prometheus lifted a great arm in invitation for the eagle to proceed.

The byrd pushed himself up level to Prometheusí face. "It comforts me to know I can offer relief to the pain you bore simply
for your good deed. You do enjoy it?"


The byrd smiled softly before he leaned down to offer a slight brush of lips. The titan lifted his head to deepen the kiss. He
pushed at the otherís lips in a silent request for entrance. The byrd obliged as he opened his mouth. His tongue briefly
battled the titanís before the byrd gave in to submissiveness.

Prometheus groaned. He longed to run his hand through the golden locks that encircled the eagleís head. He wished he
could move, if only to hold his tormentor-gone-lover.

The eagle pulled away with a sorrowful sigh. "PrometheusÖ"

"Already?" A rumble of a laugh echoed in the titanís chest. "Everyday you do this and everyday I am taken by surprise at the

A sad smile graced the byrdís lips. "Everyday I do this and yet everyday I leave in sorrow after the deed is accomplished, I
cannot stand your pain, Prometheus."

Prometheus smiled gently for his lover. "It is not you that gives the pain to me, Eagle, blame the gods, for they are truly
responsible yet for the sake of their own consciences they send you as tormentor."

The eagle sighed again. "Prometheus,"

"Hush now, Eagle, the noon grows long and your time short. Do what you must and be done with it, I wish not the wrath of
the gods on you."

"I love you, Prometheus, truly." The byrd leaned down once again and pressed his lips to Prometheusí tightly.

Prometheus kissed back with vigor, pleased to have his lover with him once again. He pulled away briefly, "My heart is
yours." The eagle smiled. "As is my liver," Prometheus joked, a chuckle rumbling his chest.

The eagle smiled, before he pressed his lips to his loverís a final time. He pulled away hesitantly, regretfully stepping back
from the titan. "Oh, Prometheus,"

"Do it, Eagle, prolonging the inevitable only adds to the ache."

"I wish it was not so, PrometheusÖ Eternity is a long time," the byrd said, a hint of a smile crossed his face at his joke.

The titan sighed; all at once he looked sorry and pained yet the attack was not on him. "Eagle, I must tell you something."
The eagle waited for him to continue. "I had a premonition again," Prometheus said heavily, "Tomorrow you will go to

Surprise flitted across the eagleís face. "Oh?"
"Yes, tomorrow you will not inflict your torment for tomorrow I will be pardoned by the son of Zeus." One of the eagleís
eyebrows lifted in question. "Hercules will free me for my imprisonment is an injustice to his human side."

The eagle stood silent for long moments. "And what of myself? What am I to do for eternity?"

"I know not, Eagle, Lover, I speak of only what I saw."

"I see," he said softly. "Such as your premonition this will be our last encounter then." Prometheus looked sorrowful as he


"I love you, Prometheus, for all eternity." The eagle spared his lover a smile that exposed his feeling of love.

Quicker than any human eye could follow the eagle sprang on his lover, viciously ripping into his abdomen with a sharp
blade. Prometheus cried out in agony? both from the searing pain of his flesh, and the aching in his heart.

(1) This is similar to the story of Prometheusí punishment yet involves a romance rather than strictly punishment. It is my
twist on thing and I mean not to infringe on anyoneís particular belief on what took place concerning Prometheus.

(2) The eagle is called a "byrd" purposefully for the intent of this story. The definition of "byrd" I offer is simply thus- A
combination of bird and man, possessing the wings of a bird and body of a man. "Byrds" have no talons on their feet so as a
substitute they carry sharp blades.

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