Original Art!
Ooh, pretty...

Akuma's Art!
(As of right now... this is more of a gallery of art from a fic I have yet to post...)

Something I did when I was bored. I liked the hair ^_^'
"First Encounter"
This is Lupin. I went overboard with the feminine stuff, tho he IS supposed to be pretty feminine. He's from an original story that's still in the works tho *soon* to be posted here.
Lupin again. Dying... It's in the story, but no spoilers here!
"All Dressud Up"
Carnal! Woo... He's dressed in 'ceremonial/traditional' garb of the Siscrin pack. Yes, from the same original story as Lupin.
"Run Away"
Carnal again ^_^ This is from a part in the story when he runs away from his 'prison'. It's supposed to be windy and raining... it's just sorta not. -_-'

Two versions of this. (Only after I drew the first did I realize that he was supposed to be... erm... 'different'.) Tis Carnal with his hands in *someone's* blood. 
"Untitled girl"
Another chara from my story. She's eeevil... and has stubby legs -_-'

A twisted, eeevil lady. Yup. From the stoy I have yet to put up here. -_-

Yes, that is a guy. -_- Allt he guys wind up looking like girls... but that fits the story line I guess. 

All the guys also have femal names... Ah well. This is a main chara! W00t!

"Untitled girl -- bound"
Ehhhhuuum... Yeah.

"Lupin's Dead"
After Lupin (from above) gets run through with a sword... he collapses in his own puddle o' blood. 

She only has a small part... but I figured I'd post this anyway because I CAN!

Carnal's twin sister. I just liked the dress ^_^'
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