I *could* make this into one of those "automatic" quizzes where it just spits an answer out at you just like that... but I'm feeling quite lazy, so no. Here are the results. Yeehaw.

-5 - 0: Cheery-o, old chap. I think you belong on the other side of the pond! You're not a Redneck, you're worse... You're British! A RedCOAT. You better stay out of Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana.


1 - 5: You're not a Redneck, you own a TV! Damn those picture boxes.... Tarnation! If you were really honest with yourself, you'd research your family tree to uncover the mysteries of "in-breedin'."


6 - 10: You're not a Redneck, you're a Wannabe!! Oh noooo! Ha. You prance around in your big hat and shiny spurs, *trying* to be Redneckish but your purty collared shirt dun covered up your neck, boy! You're poor but you ain't got enough grit! Embrace your inner redneck, get out the fiddle, and name your next child Cletus.


11 - 15: Woowee! Them your in-laws or your cousins? Can you tell the difference? But stop puttin' that damable sunblock on your neck, boy! Be a MAN!


16 - 20: Your brother is your sister's aunt's niece's son who dun whoop your ass with a willow swatch 'til you squeal like a pig for tryin' to court his Mama's Pappy's kid! Your life is like that basement scene in "Pulp Fiction." You're scary!

(And if you follow that line of relations, you will discover that it is very plausible you get beaten for trying to masturbate. ^_-)

If you liked this quiz, Let LJ Know -- he submitted it... of course, I modified the answers... because they were one-liners... and the Loop doesn't accept one-liners! Er... yeah, it's early.