ATTENTION! This site has been updated!! ^_^ Weee. Updated 13.08.03 (Since we're European... -that's 8.13.03 for all you *unsophisticated* people-) I finally added more pics to the gallery! Ooh, fancy that. So, have a looksee, enjoy and all that, savvy? ^_^V

Loopers -- Lookit! A new page design! Finally figured out how to use frames! Anywho, if you'll look to your left, you'll notice *gasp* a menu! Ooh, convenience! Look to the top, a nifty little banner! Look to the bottom... the bottom of the page! Ha, made you look.

Important Announcement!! If you have a quiz you'd like to see done, all you have to do is submit the questions and answers to me and I'll make it. (The longest part for me is coming up with the actual questions/answers, you do that and I'll gladly code it.) Oh, results. Results are important as well.

You Have Questions...
I have answers!!
Why is the Loop Page never updated?
Because Patty's lazy and the rest of ya'll are ignorant as to HOW to update it. ^_-
Are there ever going to be more piccies?
As soon as Patty stops being lazy... so maybe.
How come no one ever checks the message board?
Because we see each damn near every single day... word-of-mouth is quicker.
I have an idea for a quiz, can you make it?
Yep! Just send Patty your questions and answer (as well as results) and she'll make it up right purdy!