Hiya and Welcome fellow Loopers.

Here in plain English (Hola!) is the Official website for the Loopers. Duh. Gee whiz you're quick! ^_^V


Q. What the Hell is a Looper?

Q. What is Gaflufenhuven?

Q. Can you explain Einstein's theory of Relativity?

Q. What color is Pink Kitty anyway?

Q. How can I become a Looper?



A. We are! Yay!

A. Um... Alicia and Patty's word...?

A. Yes. Duh.

A. Not pink ^_^

A. You can't! Ha! It's the most exclusive club on the planet and you're not invited to join! Ha! Hahaha! MUWAHAHAHA! *cough* And Kyla's still on Loop probation (You whore!)


So what should you do now that all your questions have been answered? What's that you say? Quizzes? Sure! Check 'em out!   


Which Looper are you (out of five ^_^') Which mythical creature are you? (STC)*
Which Harry Potter character are you? (STC) Which EHS teacher are you? (The Horror! The HORROR!) (STC)

Yay! New stuff! PICCIES!!
An attempt at making a Loop photo gallery... as of now just some pics from "A Christmas Carol", but more to come!! ^_^

Check it out!

WOO! The Loop Message Board is now officially open and ready for use! (Have fun, Kyla ^_-) Just remember, offend me and I can delete your entry ^_^V Enjoy

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That's it you ask? Well, yes, it is. (Neefro!) But it's still better than Lil' Josh's! So HA! It is. Really. Umm.... More to come! ^_^


*(STC)- Still To Come