I know you want to haul tail out of here so here's some cool places to go!

Dynamic Drive DHTML code library- Awesome resource for spiffin' page add-ons. ^_^ It's where I got my bouncing dots for the main page... woo. Very helpful for the non- Javascript and DHTML inclined. ^_^' It's worth checking out, might find something ya like. ^_^ - If you haven't been here and you're into fanfiction WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! This is the best forum I know of for fanfics. Fully automated and rarely down for long, this site rocks! Practically any andom you can think of will be found here--and lots of genres! ^-^ Check it out, become an author, and POST!

Chibi Fire Shrine - Krystal's art is HERE! WOO! Awesome art, really! Check it out!

Akuma's page - ALL my stuff is there! And with covenient lil review boxes, feedback is a click away!

Kimi's page - Not all of her stuff is here yet... but again, easy feedback!

Vinny's page - All of her stuff is here! Well... most ^_~ Lots of nifty stuff! And AGAIN, easy feedback!

Have a site and want us to link to you? Contact me at I'll be happy to link to any anime or writing archival site! ^-^

Banners to link to THIS site will be available ASAP. For now, if you want to link here, just give me the URL of your site, please be kind in a short blurb and use a text link! ^-^ Thanks!

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