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With a kiss of a rose, two worlds become one

With a switch of a blade, two lives are ruined

With a burst of flame, a family is broken

Revolution and death draw near

Battle rages on, death fills the land

With a blinding flash and sacrifice of two lovers

Light spreads across the land

Two worlds become one

Two people to one

And with the kiss of a rose the purest love of the universe is lost

      An age old prophecy of the Daichi people, one never talked on, for it brought false hope to the slaves. A false hope of
freedom. An old prophecy wished by all to come true, but all knowing the impossibility of it all. Hope fades fast among the
older Daichi, but hope is born into the next generation. A generation who wants better, who wants more in life than to serve. A
generation who wants the freedom and future of the next generation to come, in tact, no matter the costs.

                                                          Kiss of a Rose

      The young slave was shoved forcefully through the slave passageway by a green haired, purple eyed siren. Her face
was graced with a scowl as she pushed the unwilling young man down the dimly lit corridor.

            “Vandarin, stop being so stubborn! If you don’t hurry up you’ll be having a date with the lash instead of a shy girl!” She
huffed in annoyance.

            “A date with the whip sounds better than fucking some bitch,” Vandarin spat back.

            The woman rolled her eyes. “You’re just nervous; happens to everyone their first time. Hell, I was scared shitless my
first time. Don’t worry you’ll do fine. Besides this is her first time too, she won’t know what to expect.”

            “Is that supposed to reassure me?” His glares steadily becoming daggers.

            Ignoring the boy, she pulled him to a stop in front of a door with the markings

                                                          ¢ç€? Œ¥¥ Œ

written across the top.

            “Here we are, Van,” she pushed open the door and shoved him in. “Have fuuun,” she said in a sing-song voice before
pulling the door shut. Her grin left as she her back the way she had come.

            I didn’t want this for him; didn’t want him to be brought into this life, my life. I thought for sure he’d be a laborer. But
this…I don’t think he’s ready for the emotional scars this position comes with. The scars I wear deep within…

- - -

            Vandarin cursed quietly as the door was pulled closed. “Damn you, Marika,” he whispered. He looked around, taking in
the atmosphere of the sitting room.

            Plush satin chairs and couches occupied the center of the room, and around the fire place. The fire crackled quietly, the
fire beginning to die down .A chain hung from the ceiling held pale florescent lights in a circular pattern. The ornate curtains
were drawn over the picture windows, effectively blocking the light from of the moon.

            Vandarin crossed his arms in a nervous manner, switching his weight between feet.

            A door on the other side of the room quietly opened. Vandarin tensed, blood racing, adrenalin pumping…

            The youngest daughter of Adrian Razvan entered the sitting room. She was not tall, yet not short either. Her pale green
hair fell to her back, no real style to it. Pale blue eyes full of light quickly turned to fear as she saw him.

            Vandarin tired his best to stand erect, yet relaxed, keeping his face passive with a hint of boredom gleaming in his eyes
He locked eyes with her and sent a mental message of strength and dominance, such that said he was in control of the room
and everything in it, including her.

            A small, shy smile pulled on her lips as she naively missed the message within his eyes. “H-hi.”

            Vandarin bowed elaborately and recited the practiced speech taught to him by Marika. “Greetings, Miss Izabelle. I am
Vandarin, your…entertainment for the night.” The word made his stomach turn. Entertainment indeed.

            Izabelle paled at the word ‘entertainment’.

            “Well, um hello, Vandarin, Um…”She let out an exasperated breath. “Look, this is my first time. I’m nervous and don’t
know what I’m suppose to do; and I know I’m not supposed to tell you this and I don’t know why I am. I guess-“

            “It’s my first time too,” he interrupted her rambling.

            “It….It is?” Vandarin nodded. “Are you…nervous?” she asked meekly.

            “Extremely so,” he sighed. Izabelle smiled, both physically relaxed.

- - -

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