Here's the little (empahsis on that point -.-') section of fanart. As of now, it's organized merely by aritst name because... well... it's not very big -.-.  I would have alphabetized it... but no. Enjoy! Please, let the artist know what you thought!

KrYsTaL's FaNaRt ^^

It ALL works now! WEE!
Sakura and Kero... (CCS)
"A cute little picture I did of Sakura and Kero. I hate the costume I put Sakura in ><"
Princess Garnet... (FFIX)
"When you're playing FinalFanstay never have your sketch book near you..."
Feeling left out? (FFVII)
"Have you ever knowticed its always Cloud and Tifa/Arieth? What about poor Yuffie?!"
 Stop!! (Tenchi Muyo)
"I wanted to try something new so Ryoko and Ayaka became chibis. Note Ryoko is fliping Ayaka off."
Umm... uh.. humph
"I like chibi's and cosplay so I made a pic of me dressed up as diffrent anime chars. (I'm not done)."
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AkUmA's FaNaRt ^^
Genie Boy Wonder
This was spurred from a fic where, obviously, Trunks is a genie. The fic is still in the making... but the pic is done. ^_-
Preggy Veggie
My obsession with mpreg grew from fics to pics, oh boy. -_- Well, here's a quick one of Veggie I did to ungrumpify a friend. ^_^V
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More to come!! ^_^

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