Porn! Porny porny porn-porn!

Okay, well I'm done. -_-

Tis not porn, sorry i f I got anyone's hopes up -- *cough*Shrimp*cough*. I'm just curious as to how everyone will be spending the last precious days of their summer. Oh! And schedules (Corey, this doesn't apply to you... but I think you know that...). ^_^ Since apparently everyone but me got their schedules, I wanna know what everyone has so I can make sure to bug them all individually! ^_^

Damn I'm bored. Hence this email. It's only an illusion! I could care less what all you PEONS do in your free time! MUWAHAHA!


Eh. Don't expect anyone to get back to me... but hey! Think I'll make a survey just for the Hell of it! ^_^

After reading each word, put the word(s) that FIRST (not second, Hell forbid second!) come to your mind. ^_^

Cake: ______
Soda: ______
Pain: ______
Crash: ______
Bang: ______
Ketchup: ______
Dog: ______
Elmer: ______
Cockroach: ______
Computer: ______
School: ______
Hate: ______
Authority: ______
Life: ______
Candy: ______
Food: ______

Alright, enough of that. How about some atypical questions! (From an atypical --abnormal^_- -- person)

*Out of all the trees in the world, how many leaves will you have to rake this fall?: ______
*All total, there are 20 legs (individual) BIOTIC in my house. How many individual BIOTIC legs are in your house?: ______
*When you sit at your computer, what is going on behind you?: ______
*How many people can sleep on your bed?: ______
*If you were walking down the streets of Redding on a dark and stormy night, would you offer a bum money or shelter?: ______
*What are all the words to the Barney song?: ______
*Can you hum the ice cream truck's little jingle?: ______ Can you whistle it?: ______
*If E=Mc(squared), what does F equal?: ______
*Favorite color of pastels?: ______
*What's your favorite foreign word?: ______
*If you were a car, would you prefer to run on high octane or low octane fuel?: ______
*What's "octane"?: ______
*Isn't this survey just awesome?: ______ (Yes/Yes!/Of course!/Duh! -- 'No' is not an option)

Okay, here's another part.

Without using the word "foot", "skin", "ugly", "pretty", "weird" (or the like) -- Describe your foot!: __________________

Describe any verb using only one adjective: ______

And there ya have it! The result of my boredom! ^_^ Now, make sure you DO THE SURVEY or you will be cursed with bad luck, you right pinky finger will get gangrene and fall of, you'll break all your metatarsals, fall in love with a diseased pigmy AND be forever stuck in CRAIN'S CLASS! AHHHHHH!

^_^V Ja!


~ Patty
*poke!* MEEP! You have been SO violated! (I meep dead people, too ^_-)