A young girl, with bright blonde hair and deep emerald eyes, by the name of Deanna, stood atop a lonely cliff thinking of the happenings of the night before and for many years beforehand.


"Daddy! No, Daddy, please no!" the young girl screamed as her father violently shoved himself into her. "Ahhhhhh!" she screamed in pain as he thrust in and out quickly and with all the force he could muster, being drunk out of his mind.

"You know this would be a lot less painful for you if you would just submit but a lot less fun for me" her father said evilly. She couldn't understand why he did this to her. Why he beat her to the point where they could barely sit up, let alone walk and go about her daily life as if nothing had happened.

"Why?" was all she could manage to get out between spurs of pain.

"Oh, because you're so warm and inviting" was his only reply. She wanted to die then. She wanted to die every time he did this, and whenever he would leave her beaten and bloody on the floor after one of her many beatings, she just wished she would die so she wouldn't have to go through the pain all over again the next time he came home drunk. He had beaten her mother just as bad as he beat her but her mother wasn't his sex toy anymore. He had beaten her to death two months before, and since then he had gone after her almost every night.

He gave one last thrust before his seed shot into her, and with a cry of pleasure he collapsed on top of her breathing hard. She too was breathing hard but not from pleasure. She was in so much pain she couldn't bear it. He had come at her as he had never before.

When he had come home that night, drunk as a skunk if you will, he was in a bad mood from losing close to three hundred dollars in a poker game at the local bar he went to almost every night. He was mad and to soothe his fuming nerves, he had something in mind. He stormed up to her room where she was sound asleep in a ball at the end of her bed. "Deanna," he whispered seductively. She was immediately awake at hearing his voice and she knew what was coming.

"No, Daddy, please." She whispered her plea. He quietly strolled over to where she was now sitting up. She was visibility shaking, scared out of her mind, as he come right up to her and touched her breast. "No Dad," she said a little bit louder. "No!" and all but yelled.

"Are you telling me no? I am the master of this house and you will obey me!" He continued to touch her as he brought the other hand down to her privet area.

"No," she said as she slapped his hand away, immediately regretting it, as his hand flew across her face knocking her to the floor.

"Now hitting your Dad isn't very nice is it?" He asked in his seductive, drunken tone. "You know the penalty for not being nice now don't you." It wasn't a question.

He brought his hand up again and punched her square in the face almost breaking her nose. He then grabbed her hair and dragged her back onto the bed. "You know your purpose. You are only here to serve me." As he said this he touched her again and then slowly brought his hand down to her nightshirt bottom. "Well, now this is in the way, isn't it." Again not a question.

As he said this he took both hands and ripped it right down the middle exposing her breasts for him to see. "There now isn't that nice?" He slowly and seductively fondled one of her breast with one hand as his other slowly worked on getting her underwear off.

Deanna started kicking, trying to get up as he did this, which only resulted in receiving a hard punch to the stomach, knocking the wind out of her. She coughed and gagged as she tried to get enough air to fill the void the was now in her lungs. "There now, you see. If you kick and try to get away only pain will follow. Submit to me and you will feel no pain."

Only in my heart Deanna thought as her once dear father again started to remove her underwear. He quickly got them off and started to rub her. Then he slowly inserted a finger in probing inside her. He stopped only for a moment as he exerted his finger to remove his pants, while still fondling her breast as he held her down. When his pants were off he put his face right next to hers as he positioned himself at her entrance

"Now we could do this the easy way or we could do this the fun way. Or at least the fun way for me."

"No!" she screamed as she squirmed and tried to get away only to gain another fist in her stomach.

"I guess we're gonna do this the fun way," he grinned. He repositioned himself and just before he thrust into her he leaned down and whispered in her ear, "You're never going to escape me. You will be my sex salve until I'm done with you. And by the looks of how you're turning out, I can tell you it won't be for a long time." Just as he finished his little speech he thrust into her, hard. "You’re so nice, and warm. Pity I didn't discover you sooner." He said as he thrust into her to even harder. He could feel he climax coming, and fast.

"Daddy! No, Daddy, please no!! " The young girl screamed as her father violently shoved himself into her harder. "Ahhhhh!! " She screamed in pain as he thrust in and out quickly and with all the force he could muster, being drunk out of his mind.

*End of Flashback*

Deanna cried slightly to herself as she remembered the night before. "Why? Why must he always do this?" she asked herself quietly.

She looked over the edge of the cliff she was standing on. She had run way that morning and this was where she had ended up. She had run away many times before, trying to get away from him but he had always found her and given her the beating of a lifetime. She had never been to that cliff before but something in her heart told her which way to go when she left. "He's right. He'll never let me go. This is the only way to end my suffering," Those were her last words as she flung herself over the cliff to her ultimate demise.


"Ouf!" Piccolo let out as something smashed onto his back as he was flying to Goku's house to spar with Gohan. "What the Hell!" He shouted as he turned his head only to come face to face with an unconscious young girl that had fallen out of the air and right onto his back.

He grabbed the girl by the arms and swung her over his head and into his arms. What the Hell? Piccolo thought to himself as he looked at her. Where'd she come from? He looked around for plane of some kind. No such luck. She had just materialized out of nowhere and fallen on him. Well, what the Hell am I suppose to do with her now? For a brief moment he contemplated just dropping her, but the morals Gohan had instilled within him stop Piccolo from doing so. Piccolo knew he had to take her with him. I'll leave her with Chichi. She can deal with her.

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