The lights in the room made everything, and everyone, shimmer. The dancers took on a ethereal look, bodies sliding against eachother arms and legs becoming blurred.

    "Just one dance," Goten pleaded, amusement lighting his features. "C'mon, it's only the student body -- whose gonna notice?" He tugged on the sleeve of Trunks' loose silk shirt.

Trunks sighed deeply. He looked across into hopeful eyes before turning his head.  "No, Goten," he whispered, pulling his arm free. "Not here, not in front of everyone."

Soft lights danced on the younger saiyan's hair as he laughed. "Stop being so serious! I know you want to dance -- you bought the tickets."

    "They're cheaper for two than a single."

Goten blinked. He shrugged off the comment. "Oh I bet you're concerned with money." He glanced back at the dance floor as it filled with couples swaying to the slow beat. "C'mon, one dance, Trunks. Please? For me?"

Trunks frowned, intentionally not looking towards the dancers. 'I can't dance with him here, not in front of everyone.' He thought bitterly. "Goten, you know we haven't told anyone yet -- we're waiting for graduation."

    "Why not now?" His tone was pleading. "This would be the perfect way--"

    "People will talk." His voice was cool, features enhanced by a blue glow.

    "Let them talk! They always do." Goten brushed Trunks fingers with his own. "Trunks -- please. There's only one school dance left this year and you know I have my testing that afternoon."

    The purple haird teen  stepped toward the exit. "Not tonight, Goten. Come on, I'm leaving."

    "Fine. Go ahead. Don't wait up for me."

Trunks turned back toward his boyfriend, catching the extreme hurt linger on Goten's for a moment. "Goten?"

    "I'll see you Monday, Trunks." Goten said coolly.

Trunks stood stunned. He watched without a word as Goten slowly made his way to the dance floor. No partner was there for him. 'What's he doing?' Goten slipped between a few couples before stopping and closing his eyes. Slowly, his hips swayed side to side, a small smile on his lips as he danced with his imaginary partner.

    "What the Hell is his deal?" A teen asked off to Trunks' side.

    "Too much of the punch, I bet." Another snickered.

Trunks turned from Goten and walked toward the door. 'Goten --' he sighed.

Goten opened his eyes in time to see Trunks slip through the gym door. A pained look crossed his face as he hugged himself loosely. Silently he returned to his gentle dancing, silver tears escaping his lids every so often.