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Which Trait of Mine Are You?

1. So, what's your special talent?

Using your talents to aid others.
Being able to make even the most positive of things into a negative idea.
Staring up at the night sky and dreaming...

2. Someone steps on your foot: you?

Apologize for having your foot in their path and continue on your way.
Laugh it off and smile.
Mutter dark threats under your breath and mock their obvious lack of intelligence.

3. Where are you most likely to be found?

Helping around the house or helping friends with their homework.
Outside, lounging in the grass, just enjoying the day.
In your room, at your computer, wondering in awe at the stupidity of human nature.

4. You have a 3-page Lab Report due tomorrow: you?

Cannot fathom why you have to summarize the exact ideas contained in your data.
Do the report with a smile and even add some graphics.
Take you time and manage to do in all in a stress-free fashion.

5. Generally, your facial expression consists of?

Glazed, relaxed, but happy.
A smirk or a raised eyebrow.
A genuine smile.