Growing Pains

We all have to grow up some time, this is a look into how I managed it.

Wee me...
I started out rather normal
sized in life -- about 20" at
birth. I was wee once.

I shot up from there, often
surpassing children my
age in height and such. By
the age of six years I had
passed my brother, who is
two yars my senior.

All throughout grade school
I was deemed the tallest girl
and even near to, if not the
tallest child in my class. By
my eigth grade year, I was
nearly the tallest person at
the school, faculty included.
Bigger still...

Highschool came along and viola!
I no longer hold the rank of tallest.
Though I haven't met too many
women taller than me, there are
plenty of gigantic men. Basketball
Superstars, anyone?
Biggest yet!