Title: Cinnamon
Warning: Slash, Vampires, PWP...

Matthew was awoken by the rude sound of a horse stomping around in his kitchen. "Odd," his normally sensual voice was
thick with sleep; "I don't remember calling the Calvary." Stretching in a way that a cat would envy, he got out of the sinfully
large bed, pulling the sheet off to cover his pale skin. Padding quietly down the hall, Matthew came to rest in front of a door.
He wrapped the sheet tighter around his body before slipping a hand free and twisting the knob.

"My, my, what do I have here?"

A loud bang echoed in the humble kitchen before a man pulled his head out of the refrigerator, rubbing where he had hit
against the appliance. "Matt, you're up early, it's still light out."

Matthew grinned, stepping up to the other. "Why, Nicholas, you know I'm an evening person."

Nicholas snorted, "Since when? Last time you were up this early was nearly a century ago, Love."

A deep chuckle escaped Matthew before a smirk crossed his face. "Yes, but it is rather hard to sleep when someone is
banging around your kitchen like they're blind."

"I am not blind, Matt," Nicholas unconsciously pushed his wire frame glasses up his nose, turning from Matthew.

"Oh, darling, I meant no insult," a deep chuckle trailed the sentence.

The smaller man snorted. "Surely." Cool arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him close to a cool, broad chest. Soft lips
pressed to the side of his throat.

"Now what would my lover being doing at this hour that involved so much noise, hm?"

Nicholas leaned into the touch briefly before twisting out of his lover's hold. He almost bounced over to the dark wood table.
"I was making breakfast," he gestured to the various tall mugs filled to the brim with crimson liquid.

"Oh? And what is it today-- O positive or AB?" Matthew grinned, sitting at the table with the sheet over his lap.

Nicholas swept up various bottles and containers from the counter near by, dropping them carefully on the table. "Your
usual-- O positive. But today I thought we'd try something different." His eyes twinkled as he spoke.


Nicholas nodded, grabbing a bottle of green spices before sitting on Matthew's lap.

"What's..." Matthew's eyes widened as he watched his smaller lover dump a pinch of the green spices into one of the mugs.
"Darling?" He questioned, his voice drawing up into little more than a squeak.

"Yes, Love?" Nicholas glanced over his shoulders, adding just a bit more of the spice to the blood.

"What are you doing?"

"Variety is the spice of life, and I figured since we, in essence, drink life nightly, why not spice it up?"

"But, Darling, blood is just fine without... that... in it."

Nicholas stood, smiling sweetly at his lover. "True, but why not change it a bit? Here," he grabbed the mug and handed it
Matthew, "don't let it get cold."

Matthew looked at the mug in his hand with disgust. "Nick..." The mug was shoved closer to his face in persuasion. Sighing
deeply, Matthew screwed his eyes shut and brought the offending liquid to his lips. Hardly a mouthful had fallen into his
mouth before he set the mug down roughly, sloshing its contents. He coughed madly, lightly banging his fist against his

Nicholas pouted. "You don't like it?"

"Licking the scum off the floor of Hell would be better than that!"

"I'll take that as a 'no'," Nicholas sighed, wiping up the mess and moving the mug away.

"It's a 'Hell no', Nick, get it right."

Nicholas sighed. "Well, there's a few more..." a grin lit his face as he pushed another mug toward Matthew.

Matthew raised one slender eyebrow. "Please tell me there's nothing in this one."

"All right," he grinned, pushing the mug to the very edge of the tabletop.

Matthew sighed, "Nick, Darling, can't I just have a normal meal?"


"Why not?"

"Because normal is boring. Besides, this will be good, I promise!"

"And if not?"

"Don't worry about the 'ifs', it'll be good."

Matthew looked questionably at his younger lover. "You're turning me soft, Nick." He sighed at the grin he received before
holding the mug up to his mouth. Withholding a cringe, he tipped the mug up and allowed the warm crimson to slide into his
mouth. Possessing more care than with the previous mug, he set the container down, forcing himself to swallow what was
in his mouth.

With a glare at Nicholas, he stood, forgetting the sheet. "That was utterly disgusting."

Nicholas pouted again. "It was just honey," he shrugged, "I kind of liked it."

"Well then you go and add it to your blood, I prefer mine not tainted. Do you have any pure blood warmed or do I hunt

"I've warm two bags, Matthew, that should suit you, they're on the counter." Nicholas coldly walked by his lover. "Oh, and do
pick up your sheet, it's a might drafty and it wouldn't do to have you catch a chill, Dearest."

Matthew winced. That tone and name was only used when Nicholas was slipping into a bad mood. Regretfully, Matthew
signed and lifted a mug from the table. Smelling it carefully, he determined his lover had yet to assault the blood it held.
Glancing around the kitchen, Matthew grabbed a small bag of orange spice and cinnamon and set them on the table. With
two small, skillfully measured spoonfuls, he stirred the spices into the blood. Closing his eyes, he brought the mug up to his
lips and upturned the whole thing. He briefly held the liquid in his mouth before swallowing it down with a wince.

"It's still awful, though it is a curious combination."

Matthew dumped the mug in the sink before padding down the hall for his bedroom. He peeked around the threshold of the
door, finding his lover sprawled on their bed, a pillow resting over his face. He sighed.

"Going to invite me in?" Matthew's voice was thick with forced sensuality.

Nicholas growled and threw the pillow at his lover. "G'way, Matt, I need a nap."

"Nonsense, it's barely nine, Darling, and I know you're not tired that quickly." Matthew moved to sit on the edge of their bed,
dipping the mattress as he did so.

Nicholas swatted at his lover. "Go away, I'm really in no mood for playing."

The bigger man laid a hand on Nicholas' hip, rubbing it softly. "I don't know about playing," he pinched the flesh underneath
the flimsy pajamas softly; "but I made a new flavor combination and I want you to try it."

Nicholas pushed himself up, looking curiously at the other man. "Did you now?" He looked around. "I see no blood, Matt."

"Well, I got thirsty... But I'm sure if you wanted to taste it..." He winked, drawing his lover onto his naked lap.

Nicholas grinned. "And what of the taste?"

"Cinnamon and orange."

"Ooh, I love cinnamon."

With a slight smile, Nicholas reached behind his lover's head and roughly pulled their faces close. He pushed his tongue
through the soft velvet of his lover's lips and was instantly drinking upon what must have been the most delicious liqueur in
the world. He moaned, happily lapping at more. He swept his tongue along the edges of Matthew's teeth briefly, before
petting the flesh of his cheek.

"Gods," Nicholas pulled away and spoke breathlessly, grinning at Matthew.

"You like my combination?"

"Indeed. But, does it come with a side of you, because now I'm seriously hungry." He flashed his lover a lopsided smile,
exposing one of his fangs.

"It can," Matthew pushed Nicholas' back to the bed.

He leaned down and lapped at the smooth flesh of Nicholas' neck. Nicholas moaned, raising his hips to push his growing
hardness against Matthew's naked thigh. With a smirk, Matthew sat up next to his lover.


"Shh," he carefully removed Nicholas' glasses, setting them on the bedside table. At a pace that could ignite a stone in
frustration, he began to lift his lover's shirt.

Nicholas hissed. "Matt, please hurry up."

"Patience is a virtue, Nick." He lightly ran his tongue over the newly exposed flesh, pausing in lifting the shirt.

Nicholas suppressed a moan yet shuddered in spite of himself. "Matt!" He growled, sitting up quickly. "I'm the impatient
type, Love, you know that." With a small smile Nicholas forced his lover on his back and straddled his hips.

Both men could feel the heat of their erections rubbing together yet a cloth barrier stood in between the contact. Quickly,
Nicholas kneeled and pulled his pants down to his knees before skillfully kicking them off. In a rush, he smothered his
lover's body in his own and sealed their mouths together.

Matthew moaned as his fleshed rubbed against that of his lover. His hands migrated to the two rounded mounds of smooth
flesh, squeezing them tightly. Nicholas moaned loudly in his lover's mouth, drawing back only to offer a wobbly smile.

Pulling away from Matthew's hold, Nicholas straddled the man's thighs. He looked at the proud cook that stood before him,
licking his lips. "I want you in me, Matt." His voice was breathy with passion. With a heated hand he grasped Matthew's cock.
Sliding his hand up and down the length of it, he coated the organ with its own pre cum.

Matthew moaned, forcing his head back into the pillow. "Nick..."

Nicholas eyed his lover before raising up and positioning himself over his lover's proud penis. With two guiding hands
resting on his hips once again he slowly impaled himself. He shuddered as he was filled, loving the sensation.

Matthew's fingers dug into Nicholas' flesh. "Are... you ready?" He panted, licking his lips.

Nicholas didn't answer, instead, he lifted himself nearly off of Matthew's cock before plunging down quickly. Both men
wailed in passion. Nicholas quickly began a fast pace, lifting and impaling himself. Matthew began to thrust to meet
Nicholas, patience lost and sexual drive increasing.

The sound of slick flesh hitting together created the music of lovers' passion and it filled the room.

Carefully positioning himself, Matthew thrust into his lover precisely.

Nicholas cried out, griping the sheets around him. Spots flew before his eyes. "Matt!" He leaned down and frantically kissed
the bigger man, thrusting his tongue into the wet cave.

Matthew moaned, securing Nicholas' hips and thrusting harder.

With a muffled shout, Nicholas came, spurting his dead seed over Matthew's muscled chest. Matthew thrust once, twice,
and came, moaning his lover's name. Nicholas fell limply to Matthew's chest, pulling his mouth away from the other's and
resting it on his neck.

"Nick..." Matthew moaned, still bathing in the after flow of passion. He carefully extracted his softening cock out of his lover,
turning them both on their sides.

Nicholas scooted close to the cooling body of the bigger man, nuzzling his mouth against Matthew's smooth flesh. With a
smirk, he gently sliced open the skin there with his fang. A breathy gasp echoed in his ear. He licked the wound slowly,
loving the strong taste of the blood.

The dark, crimson blood flowed sluggishly, not quickened by their bout of passion. It tasted faintly of cinnamon, Nicholas
thought, and of something more passionate than anything he had experienced. He drank greedily, lapping the metallic

Matthew moaned, running a hand through Nicholas' hair. "Nick..."

Nicholas withdrew his mouth from the other's neck and pressed his finger to it in a gesture of love between the two
vampires. Bringing his own wrist to his mouth, he carefully sliced across the veins before presenting it to his lover.

Matthew smiled, leaning up to kiss the bleeding wound. He licked the blood away before gently taking Nicholas' wrist in his
hand. Nicholas tilted his head curiously.

"It could use a dab of honey, Darling." Matthew winked.

Nicholas chuckled, once again resting his head against Matthew's chest. "I'm sure." He sighed contentedly, closing his
eyes and falling quickly into a light doze.

Matthew rested his arm over Nicholas's hip and drew the other closer still. "I love you, Nick."

"'Love you, Cinnamon."

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