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Title: Caring
Pairing: Mirai Juunanagou/ Mirai Trunks
Warning: The rating is NC-17, read at you own discretion. This is my very first lemon… Tell me how I did, ne?
Notes: This is slightly based off of a previous ficcie of mine To Torture Me.

Three weeks. Three damned, long, heart-wrenching weeks.

I shouldn't feel this way; not love —never love— for the one who occupied my mind. I shouldn't allow my heart to rest on my
sleeve. I shouldn't even show affection, much less kindness. Not to the one with the long dark hair, tanned skin and cool,
ice blue eyes. Not to the jinzouningen.

I shouldn't; but I did.

Ever since... he said he loved me.

'You always hurt the ones you love...'

Love. He said he loved me.

And though I knew he didn't really love me— didn’t even like me— it was good to be fooled. To hear the word, that one little
word. With so much hate and destruction in my world love acted as a pillar. If I could just convince myself that he loved me,
that he needed me like I needed him...

But he didn't. And really, I knew that.

I stood in the middle of the flattened building, in the center of a small cleared area. I glanced from rock to rubble to sky,
waiting to see him.

I shouldn't be here; shouldn't be waiting for the master of this mayhem, of all the death surrounding this once great city.

But I am.

He took my heart in his hand, and though he had no use for such silly "human things", he held it, and continues to do so.
Thus I stand here, awaiting his arrival.

I sighed and rested my forehead against a cool slab of stone. He wasn't coming. Just like he hadn't come here for the
passed three weeks. Loudly sighing again, I started to push myself up, "Might as well leave,"

Cool arms suddenly wrapped around my waist from behind. A chin rested gently on my shoulder, "Now why would you do

That voice, that damned calm, cool, and utterly arousing voice. My breath hitched in my throat and it was not until many
swallows later that I could speak.

"I didn't think you'd come. You haven't for three weeks," I said quietly, selfishly leaning against the chest of the jinzouningen
behind me.

I didn't receive an answer; instead a soft kiss landed on the crook of my neck. I tilted my head, inviting —begging— for
more of his touch, a small moan escaping from my lips when he complied. Just as heat began pulsing through my veins,
the man behind me stepped away, leaving me to stumble for balance and let out of puff of air in silent protest. I turned to
face him, my brow drawn together.

He smirked at me, that icy grin. I shuddered as it excited me further.

He slowly stepped forward, toward me. Without so much as a word, I was in his arms, pressing my lips against his hungrily.
He chuckled at my haste, resting a cool hand at the base of my spine above my buttocks.

I moaned as he gave my ass a quick squeeze. He took advantage of my opened mouth and quickly shoved his tongue in.
His fought with mine only briefly as I gave him dominance. I rested my hands at the base of his neck, drawing him nearer.

What a sight this must have been. I was slightly tiptoed to reach the jinzouningen as he refused to bow to kiss me. I must
have looked desperate in allowing him to assault my mouth, but this was what I needed. I needed to feel loved, if even for a
moment's time.

I tightened my hold on him as I shoved my pelvis into his, forcing his awareness of my need. He chuckled again as he
pulled away, this time I let the slight pout show on my face.

"Strip and on your knees," He commanded quietly.

I wasn't shocked by how bluntly he said this, such was his demeanor, no need for foreplay. I quickly dropped my jacket to
the ground beside me. Next came my shirt. I played a bit, teasing the black tank top up just enough to show my chest. A
trace of amusement danced behind his mask at my display. I hastened my undressing, tossing my tank top onto my jacket
and pants and boxers to the side. He admired my body for a moment as a blush crept across my cheeks. Slight laughter
brushed his face as he looked at my proud cock.

He smirked, "Knees," he commanded, as he pulled his own clothes off hurriedly.

I dropped to my knees on my jacket and shirt; they would provide to only barrier between my flesh and the jagged cement.

The lithe, dark-haired man knelt behind me, pushing against my back. I fell to my hands and knelt further as he ran cool
fingers down my sides. His digits danced on my heated flesh, leaving ghostly trails on my back. A moan escaped my mouth
at his touch, my heart raced and breath came in short, quiet gasps.

His hands fell to my ass and proceeded to knead it not-too-gently. I'd most likely remember that later. But at the moment...
oh, it felt good. Sensation tore through me as heat radiated from my core, making its way to my crotch. I moaned at the
feeling, receiving another chuckle.

My heart leapt to my throat as his finger brushed my entrance.

He pressed against me, his arousal very obvious against my back. A trail of light kisses traced my spine and neck, stopping
behind my ear. I shivered as the pleasure coursed through me.

He reached a hand around in front of my face and roughly shoved two fingers in my mouth. I sucked on his fingers, swirling
my tongue around them lightly, scraping my teeth gently along them as he pulled them out, fully coated.

His hand returned to my entrance and brushed it softly. I shuddered as he began to slowly push a finger inside of me.

Hellishly slow, his finger was inserted all the way and he moved it around, stretching me. Another finger was added
suddenly and I gasped at the feeling it caused. Bright spots flashed before my vision and continued once I shut my eyes as
he hit a certain spot within me. I bit my lip to hold back the cry. He continued to massage the spot, sending wild tremors
through my body. As I felt my muscles tense and sudden heat rush to my groin, the fingers left. I grunted at the loss.

The jinzouningen moved swiftly in front of me all but shoving his erection in my face.

"Unless you like it dry..." I shook my head, unable to offer a verbal response. He smirked and brushed my lips with his cock.

I raised a hand to his hips, only to have it knocked away. Not showing the hurt that passed through my chest, I leaned
forward, taking his cock in my mouth.

Slowly I moved my head down his length, taking it as far as I could without gagging. I pulled back up and swirled my tongue
around it, teasing him. I stopped at the head, suckling and licking, tasting the pre-cum there. A soft rumble came from his
chest as his roughly thrust forward, forcing his length back into my mouth.

I suppressed the urge to gag and continued to lick his cock. I bobbed my head slow at first, then increasing my speed. I
gently scraped my teeth along it, causing the jinzouningen to grunt.

He pulled out of my mouth and I looked up at him in confusion.

"I want to cum inside of you, not your mouth." He repositioned himself behind me quickly, and rested his hands on my hips.
He slowly drew me back, forcing me to impale myself. Once he was fully sheathed, he rested as a lover would, allowing my
body to adjust to the thickness.

A lover's gentleness, a lover's care. Love.

Slowly he withdrew to the head. I shivered in anticipation. In a sudden burst he thrust into me, setting a grueling pace. Each
thrust brought spots before my eyes and a stinging burning to my lower half. My erection ached, sobbing for release. As if
on cue— or by lover's intuition— a hand slinked around my waste and wrapped around my cock. He stroked in time to his
thrusts, sending maddening waves of painful pleasure through me.

Each thrust brought me closer and closer to release, closer to the edge.

"Oh..." I moaned between pants, "oh please... please..."

The smirk was in his voice as his hand closed tight around my erection, "Don't come before me."

I grunted in protest but was too blinded by pleasure to ignore him.

He continued to thrust, faster, harder. I rocked on my knees, fearing I'd collapse any time soon. A rough hand grabbed my
waist, fingers digging into tender flesh with bruising force. I moaned, the pain setting off more sensitive nerves, sending
wave after wave of hot pleasure through my mind.

Another thrust as a quiet moan escaped the jinzouningen as his hot seed shot deep within me. A final thrust and I was over
the edge. I cried loudly as I came, sticky cum covering his hand and my thin shirt. I slumped to the ground and he pulled out
of me.

He grinned at the substance on his hand and brought it to his mouth. Soft pink flesh tasted it. He smirked. Leaning down he
pushed his lips against mine, forcing his tongue passed my panting mouth. I kissed back with all the energy I had left,
tasting myself on his tongue. I kept my eyes opened as we kissed, as did he. I searched his pale blue orbs desperately. I
didn't see love there. But...

Caring. He cared for me. For me. The only person on this planet that did. My mother, of course, loved me... But she couldn't
care the same way...

He rose shortly after, and quickly began to dress, already recovered from our bout. My breath had slowed and heart
calmed; though my body tingled. He tossed my pants on top of me and turned to leave.

"Are you..."

"Next week, Blondie."

I couldn't suppress the grin the graced my lips, "I'll be here then."

"I'm sure you will," he chuckled, "I'm sure you will." With that he took to the air and quickly disappeared into the fading sky.

I sighed, wincing at the pain as I sat up.

I shouldn't have done that. It was wrong. Never bed the enemy. Never.

But I did.

He killed my mother's friends; my family— he killed my teacher.

But I came here; I had allowed him to have sex with me while I submitted. I couldn't even justify the sex as a simple release
with me being dominant... I willingly gave myself to the jingzouningen, again.

I should feel ashamed. I should feel as if I have betrayed the memory of all my friends and family.

And yet... I don't.

Caring. True caring. Not even hinting towards love but... He cared for me. Through all his destruction and killing he cared
for me.

And I was whole with his care. No longer alone, yet not together. No longer afraid though not living without threat. No longer
so empty...

A soft pulsing heat resonated from my entrance as I moved, pulling on my boxers and pants, forgetting the dirty shirt,
simply throwing the jacket over one shoulder. I hovered a foot above the ground, still feeling small shivers runs through my

He cared, and for that... For that, I'd come here next week. For that, I'd give myself to him again and again, time after
time— just to see that caring in his icy eyes as he kissed me.

Do I love him? I asked myself, Do I..., I shook my head. Perhaps not. But he cared, truly, and because of that, I cared
about him too.


So… how was the lemon? ^_^

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