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                                    Burying Feelings

            What do I do? I know what I feel, but why? And what would you do if you knew? The questions spin in my mind
non-stop. What do I do about these feeling? This ever present feeling in my heart. If you only knew what you do to my
senses? Oh if you only knew. I never even noticed this warm spot for you, more than just a friend. This warm spot in my heart
only for you. I guess it's always been there, just dormant. But now, there it is, from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall
asleep. You're always the first and last thing on my mind. Those lavender locks blowing softly in the breeze, those pools of
deep blue, that hard muscular chest. What would you do if you knew? That's the one question that pains me. What would
happen if I told you? What would you think of me if I told you? Would the friendly smiles turn into looks of disgust? Would you
even want to speak to me again? Or would you just cast me away and never again flash your brilliant smile at me? I don't
think I would be able to live if that happened. This is the only thought keeping me from sharing with you my true feelings. 
You'll never understand the pain I go through everyday when we spar. Seeing you and knowing that I can never touch you in
an interment way. Knowing I'll never be able to touch your soft lips with my own.     

            Remember that night we laid out under the stars, just talking about life and how funny it is that someone could
miss something so obvious, something right in front of their face; and miss out on a great thing? It took all the control I had not
to pull your beautiful face to mine and show you the love I feel for you. That control came from my fear of what you would think
of me if you knew. But through the fear and pain I still feel a shimmer of hope. Hope that maybe, just maybe, you feel the
same for me. But that shimmer of hope grows dimmer each time I see you with a girl. Every time I see you kiss, a part of me
dies. And one day the last part will be gone, and so will I. I wish I could tell you, tell you to your face, but I'm to afraid to lose
what we have. That is why I have written this all down; so that someone, someday might unbury this letter and know the love I
hold for you. You may not love me but I, I will always love you, Trunks Vegeta Briefs.  

-Son Goten

            Goten sighed as he folded his letter and put it in the capsule. <I wish I could tell you, Trunks. Maybe some day I
will.> He placed the capsule in the deep hole and covered it up. "Farewell. Maybe someday someone will unearth you." He
gave one last look at the newly filled hole where his true feelings lay, before blasting off into the setting sun.

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