Concept Art

Bear in mind these are images that I drew to inspire ideas, and are not completed drawings.

Elrond holding Ereinion after the battle
Erestor getting a pie in the face ^^
This was my mind's eye view of Elrond holding Ereinion after the battle in his first flash back. It's not a completed drawing (as I don't usually even draw conceptual art) but this image wanted to get down on paper, so here it is.
This is Erestor, getting a pie in his face. Did you miss that part? No, don't go look for it, it's not in there. This is somewhat of a deleted scene, if you will. The version of the story you read was my fourth rendition. At one time, in the second draft, I had numerous silly scenes (for the fun part!) but they didn't make the final cut... As the final draft turned out completely different from the first. ^_^'

There now, enjoy? The above pieces (however wonderful^_-) have to be dedicated to Sus, the one to which this whole work is given! Yay^_^

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