Title: Within Arms of Love
Part: 1/1
Author: Mel
Email: pattyd@c-zone.net
Rating: R
Pairing: Elrond/Glorfindel/Erestor
Warnings: Angst, AU, sex…
Disclaimer: I own nothing and this isn't for profit.
Summary: Erestor and Glorfindel know how to ease painful memories from their Lord, and lover's, mind.
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Author's notes the first: Merry Christmas, Sus! Here's your gift fic, and you don't even have to worry about giving me milk and cookies! ^_^
Author's notes the second: I aimed for "light angst" and resulted in this… Ooh boy. I hope I didn't go overboard. And this was my first threesome sex scene >.< Too many pegs and not enough circles… Er ^_^' Anyhow, enjoy the show!

**Scenes in italics represent flashbacks and are in past tense. Scenes in plain text are represent the present and are written in present tense. The story is told through Elrond's POV.**

Ice crystals clung to dark eyelashes that framed azure eyes. The cool, pale flesh contrasted painfully with the warm crimson fluid of the elf's blood. The crown about his head was discolored with the gore of the battlefield, its luster lost to the fight.

I lifted the heavy body in my arms and clung to Gil-Galad fiercely, resting his head in my lap. I rocked us both slowly, murmuring words of love between bits of soothing songs.


I shushed him gently, pleading silently for him not to forfeit any energy. "They will heal you, melamin," I whispered, "just reserve your strength."

Gil-Galad smiled at me, trying vainly to bring a hand up to my cheek. I noticed, and lifted the hand in my own, cupping it to my face despite the muck that covered it.

"Lead them well, my love," Gil-Galad whispered, drawing in a ragged breath.

"You will not leave!" My voice shook and I felt no need to restrain it. "You will be here to lead them, you will see." I hugged his cooling body closely. "Ereinion, you must stay…" Tears dripped from my chin as I watched Gil-Galad's eyes begin to dull.


"Nay, don't leave… Ereinion…" Snow, dirtied from the foul air, drifted down to the earth around us. I hugged him more tightly to my chest, ignoring the laden flakes of ice.

I sit up quickly, blinking my eyes against the bright light that assaults me. I gaze left and right… I am in a bedroom, in the bed to be precise. I tense as a hand brushes my leg under the covers.

"Elrond?" A voice, heavy with sleep and muffled by pillows, reaches my ears.

I jerk the covers down from the form, revealing a golden haired elf. He looks up at me with a puzzled expression and slowly sits up.

"Elrond, what is it? What's wrong?" His warm hand strokes my cheek briefly before he pulls it back, gazing at the wetness left on it.

I then notice that my body is shaking, my breath coming in tight half-gasps.

Another moves on my other side. I turn toward him as he sits. His dark hair is mussed with sleep, yet still elegantly falls down his back. His eyes are dark, and filled with an odd combination of confusion and love. He speaks, and though I do not hear the words his voice reaches me, deep and smooth.

He has come back then, my fallen hero. I throw myself at him and hold him tightly. He tenses briefly before wrapping his arms about me.

I feel hot tears trickle onto his skin, but I make no attempt at stopping them. The last I held his body it was growing cold with death, stiff as his fëa left him. Yet this body is warm and fluidly moves about me.
"Elrond?" His hand comes up behind my head to hold me as I nuzzle the skin about his neck. "Elrond, whatever it is, I am sure will be fine… shh, melamin…"

Their voices mingle over my head, yet I do not catch all it is they are saying. I hear my name, but all I care to do is hold on to my love that has returned to me.

"Fin... it is that time again…"

"Aye… deal with him...?"

"…misses him…"

I can feel his voice vibrate low in his chest as he speaks softly. Yet, something is different, something almost wrong in this embrace. I rub my face against his smooth chest; it is soft, the flesh yielding under my touch. He has muscles, to be sure, yet they are not defined as my lover's…

I move away from the other quickly, knocking into the blonde elf behind me. He folds his arms about me snugly, holding me to him.

"Elrond, 'tis all right, you are safe with us," he whispers into my ear.

His breath is warm against my skin, and I shiver in spite of myself. I look in the dark, caring eyes before me. Yet, they are not as they were; they are no longer Ereinion's eyes looking back at me.

"Elrond, where are you, my friend?" His voice is not as deep as before, does not flow the same way.

"Ereinion…" I reach to touch his face and he guides my hand to his cheek. He holds it there for awhile, simply staring into my eyes.

"Nay, Elrond, melamin. 'Tis Erestor," he begins, slowly, as one would when dealing with a spooked horse. Yet I am not spooked… "And Glorfindel behind you, Elrond. Gil-Galad is not here."

Glorfindel's hands move about my torso, lightly touching, teasing my flesh to sensitivity. I lean back against him without thought, though my confusion mounts.

They pulled me from his body, gone hard and cold with death. I screamed for them to stop, to let me lay with him and die beside him. I kicked at them, lashed against their hold on me. They would not rip me from my love!

"Elrond," one spoke, his breath against my ear, "Elrond, he has passed. Do not forfeit your life in grief."

I growled at them to release me, to free me to return to his side. I knew he had died, I had held him… yet I could not leave. My heart wrenched within my chest, seeing others move his body from the field.

"He would not have you die to be with him in the Halls, Elrond, you know this." A second voice reasoned.

He had told me once that I was to be a great leader… Nay! Nay, I could not be distracted, I needed to return to him…

"Elrond, please, relax and heal. In time you will realize his intentions."

Erestor sat before me, his eyes squinted in thought. He dropped my hand from his face, yet cradled it between both of his own. "Melamin, return to us, please…"

I cannot return to him, he is gone. I must move on, I must heal and grow beyond this. I must…

I recoil as soft lips touch my own. I hit Glorfindel with force, sending the both of us sprawling on our backs on the bed. Glorfindel chuckles lightly, though there is sadness to the noise. He eases me to his side, and props himself up on an elbow. He looks upon me with adoration and runs a work-roughened hang along my arm.

"My heart, you are with us now, come back to us…" His voice dances to my ears, its sound that of bells in the breeze.

Return, again return… Tears gather behind my eyes, though I shut them, refusing to let these tears fall.

By the Valar, he cannot be gone. Not my Gil-Galad. Nay, nay they would not take someone such as he away. I screamed and kicked a chair before me, sending it across the room with my force. Voices rose behind me, a body pressed against mine.

An elf whispered soothing words of love and compassion, his voice tinkling. Hands fell about my waist, and drew me ever closer to the body behind me.

A dark haired elf approached me at the front. He advanced slowly, his visage bittersweet. His arms engulfed me in a tight embrace.

My eyes open swiftly, the withheld tears escaping. Glorfindel and Erestor lean over me, and my mind finally clears of the past. I draw a ragged breath, reaching for their hands.

"Glorfindel, Erestor…"

Erestor smiles finally, his eyes brightening. He takes hold of my hand and strokes the flesh. "Dear one, you are here with us."

I nod, returning his smile through my tears. "Aye, I was… I was in the past, stuck on old hurts…"

Glorfindel kisses my palm and lays my hand over his heart. "Aye, we know. We know, melamin. Gil-Galad haunts you yet."

My breath catches at the name and my mind tries to return to that time again. Nay…

A gentle touch about my inner thigh startles me from my thoughts. A slick trail is then left as a tongue moves steadily upward. My eyes move down to train on a dark head as it moves up my body.

A shuddering moan sounds in the room and it is a moment before I realize the sound is from me. Glorfindel's light laugh tinkles quietly. I rub his chest under my palm, my thumb ghosting over a nipple. He shudders at my touch, bringing a hint of a smile to my lips.

Glorfindel leans down and captures my lips in a searing kiss. He steals my breath as I gasp, and his tongue snakes in between my teeth. I moan into the kiss, my arms moving to link about his waist.

My body arches and a warm mouth engulfs my swiftly hardening cock. Erestor holds my hips steady as he begins his rhythm, his head bobbing. His fingers search for room between my chest and Glorfindel's, and finding it, they twist and flick at my nipples, sending hot bolts of pleasure through me.

My mind reels at the sensations coursing through my body at these simple caresses. My thoughts try to return to my fallen love, yet the blessed actions of the two elves about me halt their progression. I melt into a writhing, hungry body.

I pull my lips from Glorfindel's with reluctance, a whine leaving me as I do so. "Please," I whisper, "keep me here… take me…"

Erestor's hand scrapes lightly down my chest and I arch into the touch. His mouth leaves my cock and he sits up. He exchanges a look with Glorfindel, then a nod. He leaves the bed easily.

I reach for him, yet Glorfindel moves to straddle my hips and rubs against me. I sharply take in breath as he moves, teasingly brushing my cock against his buttocks. He smiles as I groan, closing my eyes.

I felt the Elda's hair tickle my sensitized flesh before his lips trailed wet kisses about my neck and chest. He quickly finds my right nipple, already pert from Erestor's play, and drew it into his mouth. He nips and sucks lightly at it, pulling it between his teeth. I gasp at his play, and groan when he stops. Before I can voice protest, Glorfindel is off my lap and at my side, encouraging me to all fours.

I roll slowly and lift myself up, with aide from the other. My engorged cock is heavy between my legs, pulsing in need. Glorfindel cups my sack and I cry out in surprise. He squeezes gently and fondles my balls, rolling them in his hand.

I close my eyes to better feel the pleasure shooting through me, and when next I open them, Erestor is before me. He smiles brightly before lifting himself, positioning his glistening cock before me. I lick my lips, and lean forward to take his cock in my mouth. He threads his fingers in my hair, gently guidng my head and murmuring soft words of affection.

Just as I take the tip of his penis in my mouth, slick fingers slide into my passage. I groan at the feeling, pushing back against the digits. Erestor moves with me and thrusts gently, filling my mouth with more of him.

 I moan around the cock in my mouth, begging for Glorfindel to move his fingers. And then a rhythm begins, between me thrusting myself back against Glorfindel fingers and Erestor pushing into my mouth. It is the most exquisite pattern, and my blood sings within me at every move.

Vaguely I think of Gil-Galad, of how talented his love making was, how much I loved him… Yet my mind is consumed with the present, and my heart filled with the love for these two elves.

Erestor moves with more haste before me now, his eyes closed and head thrown back. His chest heaves with his quick breaths and mewls of pleasure.

Glorfindel withdraws his fingers, to a mighty groan from myself. I raise my buttocks and spread my legs wantonly. Glorfindel braces my hips, stilling any movement. Erestor opens his eyes to watch, his thrusts cease though his pants continue. I feel the blunt head of Glorfindel's prick ease into me far too slowly. I sharply push against Glorfindel's hands and successfully impale myself on his cock.

Both he and I gasp at the sudden feeling, and Erestor's penis twitches inside my mouth from the sight. Glorfindel begins to thrust shallowly, easing me forward and back. Erestor begins his movement anew, and quickly another delicious pattern evolves.

Our movements turn harsher and sounds grow louder as we progress. My body spasms in delight at the double feeling. I feel Erestor's hands tremble as orgasm quickly grows on him. In moments he calls our names and his seed spurts into my mouth, the warm cream filling my cheeks before I swallow it down. I continue to suck lightly at his deflating organ, coaxing small tremors from his body.

Erestor moans, leaning forward to capture Glorfindel in an embrace above me. I release his cock and pillow my head against his thighs as Glorfindel reaches a crescendo in his thrusts. I can hear them kiss above me, and as I approach the edge of bliss Glorfindel's hand trails down my backside and again fondles my sack.

I explode with a cry of mingled names: Glorfindel, Erestor and Gil-Galad…

Hot pleasure fills every nerve with Glorfindel's continued thrusting, each stroke brushing sweetly within me. He follows us soon after, his cry muffled by Erestor's kisses. His body trembles and he leans heavily against Erestor for some moments.

Finally his pulls out slowly, and coaxs me to turn and lay with him. Erestor moves behind me, and pulls me close. Two arms drape about my waist.

"Mm, so good, my loves…" Glorfindel's tinkling voice is laden with satisfaction and drowsiness. He kisses first my forehead, then stretches to capture Erestor's lips.

Erestor then nibbles the tip of my ear lightly. "Aye, very good."

I smile as they settle about me, quickly falling to a light rest. My thoughts drift again to another elf, dark and tall, and my heart fills with love for him. Still I love him and mourn his death… yet I now have two enthusiastic loves, willing to ease me through my memories, and my heart can hold the love for all three.

I smile, before I fall to slumber; safe and loved within the arms of my elves.

There are a couple pieces of concept art that go along with this story. If you would like to view them, click here.