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The People behind the site! ...We can seeeeee you... ^-^

Care to know about the people behind this oh-so-wonderful site? Sure ya do!

The main builder, and not too modest to put themselves first, AKUMA!
Akuma enjoys long walks along the sides of canals, hotel rooms with views of the dirty streets, and Pinapple soda... er...
Okay, so those are lies. Akuma is the person who you will find most often referring to herself as "I". Afterall, I've built the page, I figure I'm intitled.
What I read: Aaaaaanything! I don't have to know the fandom, if the characters are developed well enough in the work it's good! ^-^ Oh, and if it's an Mpreg I'll definately read it! ^_^' That's my latest obsession... -.-'
What I write: Mainly DBZ. I've written a few GW fics, only one of which is here. I'm branching out into Original-- watch out! Sadly, my main two original stories are mpreg... -.-' Oh! And practically EVERYTHING I write is Yaoi/Slash! I'm an addict, what can I say?
What I do socially: Read, Write, Surf the net.... I don't have time for a life! Unless you can download one of those...
Pet Peeves: Releena, T/P, 5x2, 13xAnyone except Zechs and/or Wuffie, Bulma/Chichi, G/B...
Okees, Isa done for now!

I took the test! (Twice ^^) The outcome? I'm most like Heero, with a side of Duo. ^_- So I retook the test, I was one answer from Duo! I consider myself like both. So there.

Which Gundam Wing character are you? -- Take the quiz and find out!


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The partner in crime responsible for this site is KIMI!
(Kimi has yet to do her profile >.<... so I'll just tell yousa bout her!)
Kimi was the driving force behind the site. She suggested it and well... it happened. (O.O Kinda like how God spoke and it was done... woo!) She's an awesome writer (GW, Original and others) and um... awesome ^-^. She's well versed in many anime and in her basic anime-Japanese. ^-^ I don't think I've ever seen her not smiling like a neko... or without her writing stuff for that matter... Anyway, Kimi asks for all the permission required before putting stuff up here... tis complicated! (That's why I fork it over to her *snickers*) Good job, Kimi! *pats her on back* ^-^

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The only other author here 'sides the owners (so far) is VINNY!
When poked and prodded for a profile, Vinny wrote, quote:
"Hiya^_^ Well, Iím Vindali, but you can just call me Vinny! I really suck at profiles so bare with me-_-  *Ahem* I read and write mostly Dragonball Z but I dab a little into Gundam Wing and original. Iím an overly obsessed DBZ fan and ace any DBZ quiz you throw my way! Yes sad I know-_- But at any rate I love writing and I love hearing what people think of my stuff. So if you want to give me feedback, good or flame^_^ or you just wanna chat e-mail me!  Thankx!
 ~Vindali aka Vinny^_^V"
And since I'm a smartass and in charge of operations here, I will add ^-^
Not a woman of "high stature", many people look "down" on her. Try as she might, she just doesn't seem able to "pass the bar." However, "taking a walk in her shoes" would be something most of the world could not do. She does not "walk in the steps" of many before her, yet "makes her own inbetween."
^-^'' What I was basically getting at is that she's short ^-^. To be kind... Vinny's awesome and wicked! Love her stories, yup! ^_^V

I took Wulan's quiz!


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ANYway, I'm in the process of bugging Krystal (the fantabulous artist ^-^) for a profile. When I get that, it will be here.

Want to see yourself portrayed right here in this very spot on the net? Do ya? Huh huh? ^-^ Well... any persons that submits a work has the choice of being added here. Yup! That simple ^_-. (My way of trying to get submissions... somehow I doubt it'll work -.-') If you'd like to submit something please see the guidelines beforehand. ^-^

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