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‘Here we are, my friend. I hope we’ll be able to gather some information so I can finally help you find peace.’ The man smiled
as he thought of his now dead friend. ‘Ah, it does no good reminiscing. Onto business.’ He smirked and stepped into the
tavern/inn, his heavy leather boots clicking loudly on the floor. He walked to the bar and sat down on a stool waiting patiently
for the tender to come to him.

“Evenin’, sir. What can I get you?” the elderly man asked politely.

“A bottle of your best wine, my good man,” came the jovial response. The elderly man smiled and nodded then went to the
back to retrieve the bottle. While he was waiting the man at the bar looked over the other denizens of the bar. He noticed a
few women giving him flirting looks, but he merely smiled at them and gazed over them.

Once the old man came back the man at the bar turned back to him and gave him the money for the wine. “Thank you, sir.
Now I must ask you a question,” he said while pouring some of the wine into a goblet.

“What is it, sonny?” the old one asked. The man took a sip of his wine then lowered the goblet but didn’t set it on the bar.

“What do you know about a man named Acyrclan?” The old man furrowed his brow in thought and scratched his chin.

“I’d have to say nothing. Don’t know anyone by the name of Acyrclan.” The other man just smiled.

“I didn’t think so.” He took another sip of his wine and lowered his goblet but this time set it on the bar top. “Well,” he began
casually, “what do you know of a man who everyone calls Kage?” The old man’s eyes went wide with fear at the mentioning
of that name and he backed away.

“Don’t say that name! You’ll bring doom to us all!” The man snorted and finished off his drink.

“I doubt,” he said as he put his goblet down, “that the mere mentioning of his name would doom everyone. If so more towns
should be destroyed by now, wouldn’t you think so?” The man rose and flicked his cape aside with an elegant flourish. “Now
are you going to answer my question or not?” The old man shook his head and began muttering about curses and how they
were all doomed. The man sighed and tossed down a few more gold pieces onto the bar. “I’m sorry for disturbing you.” He
then turned to the other denizens who had gone silent once they heard the name Kage. “Well, does anyone here know

“Nothing you probably don’t know already,” said someone from the back. The man turned his gaze in the direction of the

“Let’s see if that’s true or not. Tell what you know.”

“Lesse, what do I know about Kage. He’s pure evil, he’s more powerful ‘n a Blue Mage and a Red Mage combined, and he’s
bent on takin’ over the world by destroying all the kingdoms and the cities within their boundaries. Oh and he’s got hisself a
shadow army. Ain’t no one that can stand a chance against them much less Kage himself.” The man smiled and shook his

“You were right my friend,” he said, “I do know all that you know and more. Also, you are mistaken that he’s more powerful
than a Blue and Red Mage combined. He’s just AS powerful as those two powers put together. Well, sorry to trouble you. I’ll
be leaving now.” With that he turned and began to walk out but before he could make it entirely out the door his “informant’s”
voice stopped him.

“Hey! Why d’you wanna know about Kage so bad, huh?” The man chuckled and turned back around.

“He killed my best friend and I want revenge. Not just for myself but for my friend’s kingdom as well.”

“Kingdom? You were friends with a king? Sure is nice an’ all but you can’t possible defeat Kage!”

“Yes I can,” came the light, determined response.

“Oh really? And jus’ who are you Mr. High an’ Mighty?” the “informant” asked.

“Oh nobody. M name is Treize Kushrenada. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really must be leaving.” With that he turned and left the
bar. The “informant” spluttered and nearly chocked on his ale.

“That was Treize?! THE Treize Kushrenada?! Nevermind, maybe Kage IS a dead man.”


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