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‘My love…I’m still searching. Why? Why haven’t I found him? Where is he?! Please, love, tell me.’ The dark haired youth
squinted at the bright sun and held a hand up to shield his black eyes. He gazed around at the grasslands. When would he
come to a town or something? Not that he minded sleeping out in the open on the grass and under the stars. Quite the
contrary, he loved it! But the stars, wind, and grass told him no news of the man he was searching for so he needed to return
to civilization every now and then.

He shifted the heavy bag that was strapped to his back and winced as he felt the yari slipping from it’s place on top of the bag.
He knelt down and shrugged out of the straps then turned to the bag. What was inside no one but the youth knew but it was
plain to see what was on the outside. A yari, finely crafted and well treated. The youth let a small smile come to his lips as he
gazed at the weapon that had saved him many a time.

Slowly and carefully he untied the cord that bound the weapon to the bag and set to work on making a new knot. Suddenly a
shadow blocked out the sun causing the youth to abandon his task and look over his shoulder. For a moment all he could see
was a belt with a sword hanging on it until he stood up and turned.

Standing there was a ragged and rough looking man. He was unclean, unshaven, and, to put it bluntly, he reeked! On his
face was a grin that would have scared any normal person but it did not affect the youth at all.

“Well lookit what we got here,” the man drawled. It was then that the youth noticed there was more than just this man. There
were at least three more; all as equally unclean and smelly as the one at the front.

“What do you want?” the youth asked rather irritably. The man laughed and drew his sword and pointed it at the dark haired

“We want your stuff, kid, plain and simple. Now hand it over and we won’t have to hurt ya.” From behind him there came the
sounds of more swords being drawn and a few snickers. This brought a smirk to the youth’s lips. Obviously they didn’t know
who they were dealing with.

“You think you and your cronies are a match for me?” he asked while trying to stifle a laugh. The man narrowed his eyes and
grinned rather wickedly.

“Sure we can, kid. Now get out your little wooden sword and we’ll teach ya a lesson in respect.” The dark haired youth
coughed trying to get rid of the laughter that was threatening to burst out of him. He knelt down again and reached one arm
behind him, but kept one arm in front. The four bandits took this as a gesture of submission and began to make fun of the
youth, letting their guard down. That was the first, and last, mistake they’d ever make.

The youth grabbed his yari and swung it forward making a deep gash across the lead bandit’s chest. As the man was
stumbling back the youth made a quick jab which sent the yari into the man’s chest but not entirely through it. With one quick
tug the yari was free and soon was whirling over it’s master’s head with deadly speed and ferocity.

After seeing their leader fall the other three men made a break for it leaving the youth and their leader’s corpse behind. He
stopped spinning the yari and gazed after then men.

“COWARDS!” he shouted. The one thing he hated most, other than the man he was searching for, was cowards. All talk and
no action was not honorable. The youth growled deep in his throat then wiped the spearhead clean on the grass. He then
turned back to his bag and retied the yari.

He slipped the bag onto his shoulders again and stood. He gazed at the sky and sighed. ‘Meilan, please guide me.’ He sighed
again then he began to walk, his quest once again resumed.


In case you couldn’t guess, this is Wufei’s intro. I couldn’t think of a way to put his name in here so I mentioned Meilan. They
were such a cute couple. Damn OZ!! Why’d you hafta go and kill his wife huh?! Oh well. And why didn’t he keep his hair
down?! It wasn’t as shiny and what’s with the shiny eyebrows too?! Ok now I’m getting way off topic. Oh next chapter is the
last of the intro chapters! *cheers* And this is the most I’ve ever done for a fanfics!! I’ll either start and never finish or I’ll get
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myself. Okies, ja ne minna- san!!

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