Yoru no Uta

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‘Another ruin. How long has it been since I was last here? A year? No…three months! Sheez. Maybe I should’ve gotten
here earlier. I’d have probably had a decent job then. Oh well. I wonder who’s doing all this.’ The young man shook his
cloaked head and proceeded to the nearest tavern, which happened to be the only building left intact. ‘Isn’t that something.
At least the owner’s happy.’

Slowly the young man lifted up a gloved hand and pushed the door open. Inside it was rather dull and quiet, quite unusual
for such a place. The was an air of sadness and anger about the place which was very strong considering at least half of
the city’s population was there. The cloaked man made his way silently to the bar and held up a hand. The bartender
glanced over and saw the man waiting and was immediately in front of him, a fake smile plastered to his face.

“Well hello there, sir. What’ll ye be havin’, eh?”

“The usual,” came the flat reply. The tender chuckled.

“Shoulda guessed. You never change.” With that he disappeared to the back. Moments later he came back carrying a
bottle of dark liquid and sat it, and a crystal goblet, in front of the cloaked figure. “So what brings you back here? Thought
you weren’t gonna be back for a while yet.”

“It’s been a while,” said the man. That made the old tender laugh, something he hadn’t done since the city was attacked.
The man shrugged, he didn’t find his comment that amusing. He sighed and opened the bottle of alcohol and poured a
small amount into his goblet. “What happened?” he asked in his flat, emotionless voice.

“It was that damn Kage and his army! Just came in and destroyed everything!” The old man picked up an empty glass and
began busying himself with cleaning it, something to keep him from remembering that terrible day.

“Hn,” came the response. The man lifted the goblet to his lips and took a small sip. “So, who’s Kage?” What little noise there
was in the bar was completely swallowed by silence as all of the patrons stared at the stranger.

“Y-you don’t know who Kage is?” the tender asked with shock. The cloaked figure shrugged and rested his face in his

“Iie. Why don’t you enlighten me?” From behind him the man heard a chair squeak as it was pushed against the hard floor
and a gruff voice speak.

“Kage is a demon! He’s the most powerful mage anyone’s ever seen! He can destroy a city just by looking at it! He’s
already caused the downfall of two kingdoms!” The young man smirked at the tone of the man’s voice. Fear and awe were
both present but so was anger and sorrow. Suddenly he began to laugh, if you could even call it that. More like a very deep,
and somewhat evil, chuckle. The man who had spoken quirked a brow. “What’s so funny, boy?”

“Nothing really. I just find it very…amusing to think that you are afraid of a mage. That’s all.” The young man grinned as he
felt the waves of anger radiating from the informant. It felt so good to annoy people especially since the whole world was
annoying to the young man. Pissing of the world one person at a time, as it goes. Suddenly he felt his shoulder being
grabbed and was whirled around to face the angry giant of a man.

“You think it’s funny?! Well, let me tell you, if you’d seen him you wouldn’t be laughing! He’s pure evil and he’d leave you
cryin’ like a little baby!” The young man grinned again. People are so stupid.

“I don’t think I’d be reliving your experience. Actually, I would have probably fought him and either won or lost. Seeing as
you’re still here and your beloved city is not you obviously did not take up arms and help to defend your home and it’s
people therefore you have neither won nor lost. You are nothing, a pitiful excuse for a man. Now let go of me before I send
you where this Kage person should have!”

Instead of frightening the informant the stranger’s words angered him. The man let out a cry of rage and swung his giant
fist. He expected to hear a loud crack but instead he felt himself spin around from the force of his blow, which had hit air. He
shook his head and glanced down at his hand. Where was the man in the cloak? He quickly found his answer as a large
broadsword went into him.

He looked up and saw a sight more frightening than anything he had ever seen. Staring at him was a pair of deep cobalt
blue eyes. Those eyes, so dull and emotionless, were set in a perfect face, which was framed by dark brown, almost black,
hair. The stranger narrowed his eyes and twisted the broadsword then pulled it out. He watched as the other man fell to the
ground at his feet and, once he had made sure that the giant man was dead, he wiped his blade clean on the man’s shirt.

The young man glanced up at the old bartender, no emotion anywhere on his face, and tossed him two gold coins.
 “Thanks for the wine and sorry for the mess.” Quicker than the eye could see the man sheathed his sword and was out the
door before anyone else got the stupid idea of attacking him. The tender looked at the two gold coins then at the dead body
lying on the floor.

“So,” he muttered, “that’s why he gets hired so often. Heero the Heartless. A very fitting name.”


Well how was it? Please review it. I hope I got Heero’s personality. Okies this is the first of six intro chapters then the real
thing begins! If I make it that far, that is. BTW: 4 those of u who dunno kage=shadow or shade but it is used as shadow here.
(If you see hikage then that’s shade. And that’s shade as in ghost, not sittin’ under a tree. Or at least I think its ghost. Yeah I’
m pretty sure) No more babbling. Bai bai.

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