You've made it this far... congrats! ^_~ Well, welcome to the humble abode of um... the stuff! ^-^ As of now, the contents of this site are rather....meeger. However, there WILL be more in the (hopefully) near future! Please alert the site owners, Akuma pattyd@c-zone.net of any site problems or broken links... thanks!

Alrighty, updates! Changed around the visitor thing. If you're the 50th visitor, lemme know and you get a cookie! Er... a 'thank you' of sorts. ^-^

June 23- I added two more piccies to the fanart section. I *tried* fixing the problem with Krystal's art but Yahoo isn't cooperating. Don't worry, I'll tackle that problem in the near future. There are two or three fics lined up for debut here within the week, so come on back! All fics/stories contained within are, to the best of my knowledge, the latest update. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the site!

Note: The "Fanart" Page is up but not all the links are not cooperating. I don't exactly know *why* just that I think they hate me. -_-' Anyway, part of it's down in that aspect for now, soon to be fixed, tho. If you really want to see Krystal's art (and I highly reccommend it) simply click the link. After that, COPY the text in the location bar and PASTE it there again. That should work. Sorry for the inconvenience, but thanks for understanding!

Rant-- I hate Geocities. For some unknown (to me) reason, all of my files became invalid when uploaded to their server. It took me a long time to get them all working! Hn! Er, so anyway, I love Tripod right now, cause it's letting me upload my li'l black heart out. ^-^

Please note: This site is still under heavy construction! Do not think that all you see here is all there's going to be! There will be more, I swear it!
Fanart! There are some wonderful pics by some talented artists here! It's not very large yet, but hopefull it will be!
Original Art! (coming soon!) *blinks* Well, nothing here... but again, that's a YET! There will be stuff here, as soon as I get my scanner! ^-^
Fanfics! Great stuff here! Mostly DBZ, some GW, GGX, and... anou... others! -.-'
Original Stories! Again, great stuff here! Lots of creative juices have flowed to create this section. ^-^ Gotta love the charas within... woo @_@
Gallary! (coming soon!) Well.. *sigh* this section will be added shortly... I hope. Be looking forward to piccies from various fandoms!
About the people behind the stuff here! Well... duh. Care to know about the builders of this site? Also included are (or WILL be) author/artist profiles. How much more could you want?? Wee!
Links Sites I would definately reccommend!
Rules of Submitting ...Sort of self explanitory, ne?

**Please note: This site IS SUBMISSION FRIENDLY! ^-^ If you feel the urge to get YOUR STUFF up and hosted, please contact us! Fanfics, Fanart, or Original Stuffs. Simply go to "Rules of Submitting" to find out how!

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Not very many visitors yet, I know. But guess what! Seeing as I like to encourage traffic to the site, every 50th visitor will get a fic, story, or pic made specially for them! Note: The FICS have to be about a fandom I know, obviously. However, if you want a STORY it can be about anything you want. (Providing it's not an epic -_-) Pics are done personally by me and again, they have to be from a fandom I know or outlined about an original thing. (Please note: I'm not the best artist in the world and I only JUST got Adobe Photoshop, but I'll try to make it how you want ^_^) IF YOU ARE THE 100TH VISITOR: Please just send me an email and tell me so. ^_^ Simple!